DESSERT CRAFT - Icekraft @chennai -chetpet

DESSERT CRAFT – Icekraft @chennai -chetpet

After my very sumptuous meal at the Asian Aroma at Chetpet in Chennai, I decided to take a walk to heaven! What are you thinking? Of course! My meal had to complete on a sweet note! The Asian Aroma shares a common door with Icekraft, and that’s right where I went after celebrating my friend’s birthday.


The menu was tempting me, and I found myself breaking into an inviting happy grin, eagerly looking at the counter. I looked like I wanted everything from there, but yes I must admittedly state that I landed up having quite a bit.


Icekraft emerges as every foodies dream. The world comes alive with the most delicious freak shakes, the stone cold ice-cream rolls, pancakes, red velvet fries and more!


One of the most unique introductions includes their charcoal cones. As a child my mom rebuked me from consuming pieces of charcoal that I would find around the house. Not that I would literally down it! But you know how children are… everything in their hand goes straight into the mouth. Today we learn the same ingredient comes with a tonne of health benefits. And normal people are more likely to savour the rich goodness of black in the form of an ice cream. The cone was relatively well done. My cone comprised of with the Thai special roll ice creams done in a chocolate flavour, and was finished with a liberal bout of Nutella and nuts.


Since this wasn’t quite enough, I decided to heap a few more calories to my waistline! My guilt trip to IceKraft got even more exciting as I called for a portion of Red-velvet brownie fries. Well let me sound this off to you! The dis comprises of brownies dipped in red velvet batter, which is later deep friend and topped off with cream or hot fudge.  


My stomach was now bursting at its seams. I saw a young college goer passing by with a freak-shake in his hand. Since my indulgences got the better of me, I decided to just control my urges and ask for anther person’s review instead. The young lad gladly offered me to take a dig, but now I really shied away. His take on the freak shake was out of this world. He said, “Geeta Ma, there is only one word to say, and that is, ‘ITS MIND-BLOWING’! I could feel the caps in his voice, which is why I have written it precisely in that manner.


The sweet nothings are accompanied with light snacks including an array of flavoured French fries, and steamed boiled corn options. Sometimes that extreme sweetness needs to be balanced with a little salt trip too.


I totally enjoyed this trip to Icekraft. The ambiance is fun and lightens ones mood! A perfect after dinner joint, especially on a hot summer day!

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