An extension to …. I BHK

The name by itself was so intriguing, that I was compelled to come here. Typically 1 BHK would mean a one Bedroom, Hall Kitchen apartment, especially if you’d sound this off to a Mumbai based real estate expert. My thoughts hovered around the nuances of a home kitchen but the restaurant was ambient in its own right. I was in for an absolute surprise when I saw the place! The vibe was beachy and came alive with a burst of bright yellow, instantly invigorating my spirit. 1 BHK is luxury re-defined at its best. The restaurant comes alive with both the open and closed area. The open area is adequately covered during the monsoon season.


I pampered my taste buds to the ‘T’. I started with the refreshing and cooling ‘Mango Mastani’ which doubles as the mango milk shake. I savoured every bit of the mango food festival.  Before I tucked into anything else I sent for a ‘Molten Larva Chocolate cake. The waiter asked me to order this one earlier on as it required a preparation time of 20 minutes. The wait was painstaking but absolutely worth every minute.  


Then, I started by digging into the delicious hummus. The creamy hummus left a lasting imprint on my taste buds. The same was served with delicious homemade flat breads. The hummus was completed with the ‘chilly Thecha Poi’, which typically had a touch of Asian Chillies doing the rounds to add flavour to the dish.


The cheesy garlic bread was served piping hot with molten cheese dripping from all sides. It was topped off with herbs, and imparted a delicious flavour. The bread was cooked to perfection, and had been appropriately toasted to give a crispy outside.


The stuffed onion rings with bloody Mary sauce was to die for indeed. It was simply delicious. The concept was refreshingly unique.


The Classic Mushroom Risotto with mascarpone was delicious. It was creamy and was piping hot.


Try not missing out on the chef’s specials. They are indeed delicious. The chef has painstakingly imbued a lot of thought in the creation of these dished. We happy hopped with the delicious Fettuccini pasta with creamy pesto, sundried tomatoes and olives. I have observed that there are very few places that manage to get the pesto right, and this is just one such place.


The meal was finished on a sweet note. I again opted for a dessert from the mango special menu. We went in for the Mango Ricotta and Basil Pizza. The dish was refreshing indeed. The flavour of holy basil left a lasting taste. The combination of mango and basil is indeed divine.


All in all the experience was fantastic. I had a wonderful time. The staff and people were courteous. I will certainly make it back here once again!

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