Can you imagine having the whole of Asia on your plate? Well then, if you’re upto a little spice in your life then Asian Aroma is the best place to visit. Housed in the Chetpet vicinity of Chennai, the restaurant opens to invigorating aromas of Asian leaning. Mr. Rajesh Jain  the owner of this restaurant invited me to take the experience at this lovely restaurant. When I walked in I was greeted by a frenzied crowd awaiting their turn. The twenty-seater has been recently expanded and made into a 40 seater to minimize the wait. I wondered what the crowd hovered around so. I stopped a passing customer, and quickly inquired about the food, and I got the most prompt answer stating ‘It is simply delicious and very ORIGINAL’.


I started with the ‘Bao Tofu’. The bread was steamed well and was stuffed with liberal portions of tofu to make it interesting. What is better that inspite of the liberal stuffing, the bao hasn’t gone runny. I also tried the water chestnut variation. That had a tangy twist to it. The later variant is the chef’s special.


The season’s special ‘raw papaya and mango salad’ was simply irresistible. I dipped a few pieces in their homemade peanut butter sauce. The ‘Tandoori Broccoli’ took a refreshing departure from the usual boiled variation. The dish was spiced well, and imparted a wonderful flavour.


The ‘black bean noodles’ were delicious. The beans were fresh, and they didn’t use a canned variation. I loved the flavour of garlic that emanated from the dish. Chef (name of Chef) had not made it very pungent. The dish was original and transported me to the regions of South East Asia. I also had the ‘Topped Mandarin Chow’, a double fried noodle topped off with a heady portion of delicious Mandarin sauce. My mains were also accompanied by a ‘Lemon Butter Vegetarian version’. This blended well with the authentically prepared ‘Fried rice’.


I divided my meal into the international and Indian version. I cannot shy from the tempting Indian cuisine. I was delighted to try on soft ‘Laccha Paratha’, and ‘Tandoori Roti’ that was accompanied with the famous ‘Paneer Rogan Josh’ and generous portions of ‘Dal Makhani’.


Chef also suggested that I try the ‘Amritsari Lasooni Paneer Tikka Masala’, (cottage cheese cooked alongside garlic and original hand pounded spices from the land of Punjab. ‘Sabz Banjara’ (A mixed vegetable complete with rich ingredients and garnished with liberal dollops of cream.)


The restaurant was busy the staff was courteous, and I had a wonderful time dining there. I must extend my special thanks to CHEF.   Manoj sharma who curated a wonderful meal for me. The food simply transported me to the region of origin, which is something very rare in the Chennai region. I hope to visit Asian Aroma again!


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