5 best things to have when you are hungry

5 best things to have when you are hungry

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. As quoted by the famous candy bar snickers “You are not you when you are hungry”.  Yes, we don’t even mean the words we say out of anger and hunger. But there are some reasons for your hunger. They made be due to stress, dehydration, over intake of sugar, constantly looking at food porn and also lack of sleep. Due to these reasons, you constantly feel hunger and you tend to eat a lot. This, in turn, will make us gain calories. Swiggy offers you amazing discounts on food if you order online. To solve your hunger pangs, use Swiggy promo codes to get amazing discounts on food delivery. 
Fruits and vegetables have a high water content, and so it makes you eat more. This is similar to grapes versus raisins concept: A cup and a half of grapes equal ¼ cup raisins for a snack that is about 100 calories. The water in grapes lets you eat more, so you feel fewer hunger pains. Also, a little bit of fat helps you feel full. 

Here we have listed out the best 5 foods which satisfy your hunger and at the same time keep your calories in check.

  1. Soup

Soup is considered as a very important dish in every menu. A bowl of soup has many health benefits which are similar to a bunch of veggies. Drinking soup can reduce hunger and the total calories consumed for the entire meal and also increase fullness. It also keeps you energized and you feel full for many hours. It is also said “The wealth of ingredients in a bowl of soup provides a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats as well as the vitamins and minerals required to create energy and keep us firing on all cylinders” by Fiona Kirk in her book “Soup can make you thin”.
This is due to the presence of high water content which in turn makes it less calorie density. You can drink big portion of soup and feel full without consuming any heavy food in large proportions. Integrating water in foods decelerates gastric emptying so that your stomach remains filled for longer. Some of the best choices of soups are red lentil, chilled cucumber soup, and Chicken Vegetable. Some advantages of soups are they are delicious and affordable.

  1. Salads

Salads are the best food for reducing weight. They are filled with an abundance of nutritious vegetables without any calories. Salads make an easy and fully filling meal that can be prepared easily within minutes. It is a diet-friendly dish because of the content of veggies. They are always a healthy choice of meal. When someone says Salads, the first thought that comes to our mind is dried cucumbers, mushy tomatoes, and wimpy lettuce leaves. These green leafy salads will make you hungry and your stomach will rumble after some time.
We have got you some salads which will fill your stomach and at the same time will enrich your taste buds. First, the Caesar Salad. This salad contains half-cup of the skinless chicken breast which is low in fat but packed with a lot of satisfying protein, and the creamy toppings have enough fat to stop your stomach from rumbling. The nest is Geek Salad which contains 7 grams of fiber from the fresh vegetables and heart-healthy fat from the olives.
The other such salads include black bean salad, shrimp salad, chicken salads with carrots and pistachios and much more.

  1. Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera is a combination of pasta with green veggies. But you should start with whole wheat pasta. Because the Maida pasta will make you hungry. So eat wheat pasta with a bunch of veggies. Increase the vegetables more than the amount of pasta for more health benefits. Adding more amount of veggies will also make your stomach full. The veggies you can add include onion, asparagus, mushrooms, olives, garlic and frozen peas. You can also add chicken or shrimp according to your choice. Add grated cheese if you wish so.

  1. Smoothies

Consuming smoothies are another way to curb your appetite. A fruit and yogurt smoothie can knock down your appetite and also your calories. But pick up protein and fiber filled smoothie to keep your appetite under control and also to keep you healthy. A study also found that drinking these protein and fiber-rich smoothies can shrink your appetite by 16 percent. This is because Protein diminishes the production of hunger hormones while fiber slows down digestion. These two together keep you full and satisfied longer.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn is a healthy choice to fight hunger. Popcorn contains fiber which keeps you full for a long time. Fiber isn’t digested and it absorbs water and so it rapidly fills your stomach. The stomach causes the discharge of hormones that keep full. Fiber also slows the pace at which food leaves your stomach. Therefore, you feel full for a  longer time. The soluble fiber present in popcorn further grips off hunger by delaying the discharge of hunger-producing hormones. One portion of air-popped popcorn has nearly 4 grams of fiber, which provides about 16 percent of women’s and 11 percent of men’s daily recommended intake.
Air-popped, homemade and microwave popcorn have the same amount of fiber and 12 to 19 grams of carbohydrates in a serving and has hardly a touch of fat. But when you pop it in oil or buy a butter-flavored microwave brand, the fat doubles, but a serving still has fewer than 10 grams. The popcorn becomes unhealthy when you choose sweetened popcorn or add extra butter and salt, or consume too many calories. Choosing cheese-flavored popcorn is another drawback.

Apart from these, the other foods which curb hunger are almonds, coffee, green tea, greek yogurt, tofu, oatmeal, and apple. Even water is also good to consume when you are hungry. Always satisfy your hunger in the natural ways. Eat this food to satisfy your hunger so you can stay fit and not gain calories. 

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