As we entered into resplendent looking décor, we felt we were in some actual location in Punjab. Greeted us with a warm smile and a sizeable glass of  Masala Chass. Masala Chass is made from butter milk with added spices blend and salt which is good for improving the digestion. By the time we were said cheers and relished our chass, we were entertained by the enthralling punjabi folk music performance followed by bhangra- the traditional Punjabi dance. It was impossible to resist the music beats and we did shake our hands and legs doing “Bale Bale” to the excellent Punjabi songs.

Well I think it’s a way where “Taste of Punjab” team wants us to warm up very well before the scrumptious meal. The interiors looked so classic with huge grand horses, mini decors of Punjabi dolls playing music. We started off with Starters which was served to us.

In Vegetarian we had,

  1. Pahadi Paneer Tikka- Soft Mushi paneer with pahadi spices, it was a great start to an amazing meal.
  2. Tandoori Mushroom- Flavourful fillings in mushroom cooked in tandoor.
  3. Dilbahar Tikki- This was my all time favourite vegetable tikki in heart shapes.
  4. Dahi ke Shole- hung yoghurt with secret spices stuffed in soft shells.

For Non-Vegetarian,

  1. Murg Aizwani Tikka-
  2. Narangi Chicken wings-
  3. Prawns Koliwada-
  4. Mutton Cheese Rolls-
  5. Chicken cheese kebab-

We were already two lassis down with these starters. We headed to the live Counter for some tasty bites, Chatpati Chaat and cold pani puti was served. Paneer Makhani Doas and Butter chicken dosa were so piquant in taste. Aromatic Tawa raan Biryani was served too.  

We needed some cardio before we head to the min course, hence we rejoiced the dance again but this time which actual Punjabi Dhol. My sensory emotions evoked as I witnessed one of the most exotic dishes of Punjab, Makki di Roti and Sarso ka Saag. This dish is an earthy hearty food abundant in flavour, nutrients and colour; much like the land and the people it belongs to. That’s when I actually felt the true “Taste of Punjab”. Apart from this there was plethora of other delicious food, like Paneer Laziz, Dal Bhukhara, Rajma, Punjabi kadi, Baby corn mushroom. Veg Chowmien, Steqamed rice and Tawa pulao. For meat lovers , there was Nihari Ghost, Murg Saagwala and Fish Hara Masala. Soft Roti and nan complimented the curries very well.

Mithaiyan goes to the heart not to the stomach and when the variety is so arresting youhave to try them All. To start with ,

  1. Steaming Hot Masala milk served in a traditional mud pot.
  2. Mini Gulab Jamun.
  3. Piping hot jelabi with rabdi.
  4. Gajar ka halwa.
  5. Phirni and Kulfi.

We did actually realize how the taste of Punjab will be without visiting Punjab. It’s a great place for people who love authentic and flavourful food. These palatable foods and ornamentation of this place has made me a huge fan of “Taste of Punjab” and am hungry for more.

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