HITCHKI - THANE (perfect drink for a perfect date)

HITCHKI – THANE (perfect drink for a perfect date)

Really Excited for this new branch in thane, its located in the Ground Floor of Viviana Mall, the staff embraced us with a smile, entered with excitement also feeling ravenously hungry. Hitchki never fails to surprise you with stupendous menus and drinks. It was a Saturday afternoon, party music,

We started with the most amazing drink available on the menu,

  1. Bubbly LIIT

One of the most exotic drink, which was served in gigantic glass, with bubbles which will quench anyone’s gargantuan appetite. It’s the perfect drink for a perfect date ?


A graduated cylinder filled with classic combination of drink with a very big straw tube, woah this drink really brings the artist out of you.



This drink is really foot long, and its served along with upside down bottle of beer how cool is that.



Served in a Boot- look a like- glass its one of the most highly recommended drink, when the drink is served to you, the gradations of the drink is so pleasant on the eyes.


We started as the first course of a meal, which is the starter,




  1. Dim Some- Corn+ water chestnut


It’s a nirvana for vegetarians, its served in a bamboo steamer which  adds a distinctive natural flavour to my dish dishes.



This dish comes in 4 different flavours, Zafrani, Haryali/Malai/Achari. We tried the achari marination, paneer was squashy and juicy alon with grilled veggies. It was a perfect combo with our drink.


  1. Desi Chilli Chicken


Chicken with green chilli sauce topped with fried noodles, a delectable dish with a good flavour.


  1. Crispy chicken Khurana

Tandoori chicken popcorn, served in bi-cycle along with coriander chutney it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside a perfecr combo with chutney.


Now to the main show stopper,

  1. Aakhri Pasta


The best part about this pasta is that we can choose the sauce of our taste.


  1. Ghee Rice with Roast Chicken

Mangalorean Chicken which was generously tempered using ghee as well as onions, served with rice was very delicious.


Post such scrumptious food and drinks we dint save any room for dessert, but when saw Maharaja  Tukda on the menu, we automatically had place for it in our tummy. Very Rich desser, saffron infused shahi tukdaa with rabdi dressing was so scrummy. Hitchki is a remarkable place to go, drinks are so unique and innovative. I would highly recommend you visiting all the three outlets in mumbai, thane bkc and powai for more phenomenal food.


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