HITCHKI BKC - delectable Journey

HITCHKI BKC – delectable Journey

HITCHKI BKC, is truly a prepossessing venue with great décor, a very welcoming cozy place to relax and detox for the strenuous weekdays, great music and the best part is their TV with 90’s commercial which bring nostalgia out of every 90’s kid. Also, they had decorative accessories such as “Tring Tring phone” to make drunk calls. In all ambience was a 100/100.

Coming to the starters and Soup,

  1. Rasam Minestrone- Its served with pesto bread which is called pistou toast, with curry leaves tadka. It’s a great appetizer to start your



  1. Nacho Nacho- Crisp Tortilla with tamatar Nu Salsa along with Amul cheese fondue, refried rajma and guacamole. It’s a toothsome dish, with so many exotic flavours. Must try for every nacho lover.


  1. We also were craving for some authentic DIM SUM, which ended up trying multiple times simply because it was that smashing ?,


Corn+ Water chestnut- Vegetarians you are in for a super treat the flavour is so amazing, I won’t tell you because you have to try this, I mean you have to.


Pok Choy+ Shitake- Another classic flavour of Chinese cabbage and mushroom.  


  1. For the Non-Veg we had Charlie Chaplin Kabab- Spicy lamb mince kebab+ crispy potato+ Techa Mayo it was so soft that it melted in our mouth.


We were so carried away by the foods, when the drinks arrived, the view was breath-taking, we had,

  1. BOOT-E-LICIOUS- Very amazing tasting drink with a beautiful
  3. GST (Guava-Sea Salt-Tonic)
  4. Cappuccino

True to their name, the drinks they served really knocked on our senses. Not overtly flashy but with just the right balance of spectacular presentation and perfectly mixed drinks. Highlights were the Boot-e-licious and the GST.

For the main course,

  1. Pressure cooker wala rajma chawal- Home cooked rajma chawal with lots of desi ghee and crispy papad.
  2. Pindi chole- It was chole ho tho pindi chole, well cooked with piquant flavours.
  3. Savji Mutton- the Mutton was soft and mushy, it just went so well with the rice.

There is always room for dessert, and they have a exotic variety for the sweet tooths,

  1. Maharaja Tukda- It was finger licking good just like its for a maharaja.
  2. Bartiyo ka swagat- Pan pasand+ candy floss+ Dutch Truffle.  It’s a unique combination of pan and candy floss which goes very well and brings out a new flavour.
  3. Hazelnut crème bru le le- Hazelnut crème brule+ torched sugar- It tasted just like a Nutella brule with yummy caramelized sugar on the top.
  4. Laila Majnu- Dark chocolate+ white chocolate+ Parle G Pesto. This dish got us nostaligic, with every bite was the taste of our favourute biscuit parle-G with a combo of dark and white cholocate.

In all it’s a place with new exotic dishes, and amazing magical drinks which will make you leave this place with a happy smile on your face,.


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