The Runway Project -An Italian Take

I was dead as a dingbat after attending a surge of events for the day. Just then, I got a call from my dear friend Chef.Jerry Thomas, , and I forced myself up to get out again. This time I was in for a fine dining experience with my beloved daughters. The Runway Project stirs up all elements, spelling ‘Paris’. The project has three prominent consultants on board who have married design, food and fashion in the most beauteous manner. 


Being the ardent patriot, I am in love with our traditional Indian cuisine. But this time I found myself licking my fingers to the goodness stirred by the expert Italian chefs at Project Runway.


The preparations saw the rendezvous of the most authentic ingredients that made the meal flavourful and special. I must add the entire fine dining experience was a wonderful one!


We stared with a simple bowl of humble mushroom soup. The soup was rich and creamy, and perfectly finished using fresh herbs. It soothed my senses and helped me build my appetite.


We were then served the Micro Mini salad. The interesting name devised a whole deal of curiosity in my mind. We were in for a pleasant surprise when we were served a delicious portion of red and golden beet completed in burrata, micro rocket, market greens, caramelized walnuts, basil, and a splash of balsamic dressing.


A round of ‘Cigar Club’ followed the ‘Micro Mini’. The name transported me back to the Godfather series starring Marlon Brando. This was indeed interesting. The dish comprised of Filo Cigars of cottage cheese and marinated roasted sweet peppers finished with spiced mayonnaise and balsamic glaze.


Italian dinners are never complete without a sandwich, and hence we indulged in some guilt-free carb tucking. The ‘Fifth Avenue’ was a refreshing sandwich comprising of sourdough crostini, smashed avocado, blue cheese and pepperonata.


The portions were reasonable, and totally helped build on our appetite. We awaited the mains. We dug into some Pasta named the ‘Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina’. As the name suggests, the dish comprised of well-cooked potato gnocchi with a light drizzle of tomato sauce, topped off with cherry tomato and fresh mozzarella.


The Pizza was lip-smacking! The ‘Giardiniera’ was topped off with mozzarella, button mushroom, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, a splash of garlic oil, olives, and artichokes on a passata pesto base.


After consuming a hearty meal such as this we wanted to end on a sweet note. We were presented the delightful and zesty ‘Lemon Meringue Tart’! This version of the tart had a wonderful paly of lemon completed in caramel, and meringue peaks doing a wonderful round rendering the dish its own signature design.


Back to Brando and we enjoyed just another round of cigars. The dessert was plated in a customized box transporting us back to the sets of ‘Godfather’, an epic film showcasing the high life. The dessert comprised of pure Italian Melange in a rich dark chocolate cigar shell. The filling comprised of rich layers of coffee cremeux and almond brittle. A marriage of the classic tiramisu and the cannoli!


My daughters and I ended on a high note and await just another visit at the ‘Project Runway’. Wishing my three musketeers liberal bouts of good luck on their esteemed venture.







Cheesy, exotic and soignée. The perfect spread for your date night. #TheRunwayProject #SeeYouAtTheRunway #TheProject

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