The Mughal Gardens of SHALIMAR -The Shalimar Hotel, Kemps Corner, Mumbai


 The other day after finishing with all my shopping in the South of Mumbai, My friend aunty 72 (primila) and I decided to take a rest; and sit back at the Gulmarg Restaurant at the Shalimar Hotel and eat our fill. The view from Gulmarg was simply pristine. I was lucky to revisit the South Mumbai Skyline, complete with high rises.

The hotel is centrally located in the South of Mumbai and is a perfect hub for business goers. I had witnessed a number of foreign visitors coming in to stay. The amenities provided for are modern. We had heard a lot about the restaurant in the premises. The number of foreigners visiting the restaurant intrigued me. What I really like about them; is their openness to cultural exchanges. In an interaction with a few of them I learned that they simply enjoyed Indian food. And when I tried the food here I found every morsel consumed was simply worth it! My friend who accompanied me is a marathon runner in her early seventies. She decided on treating herself for completing the 21 kilometres dream run.

It has indeed started getting hot in the city, and what came to our breath-taking relief was a glass of cooling ‘Masala Chaas’. The crud based drink was cool and refreshing. We were then offered some sumptuous starters like the ‘Lazeez Aloo Tukri’. I have never had a more delicious dish before. This comprised of Potatoes completed with dry-fruits and saffron. I have never tried such a unique combination before. It simply tasted divine! We had the ‘Aatish Kumbh’, the ‘Methi Paneer Tikka’, and ‘Sabz Shammi’. I must add all the starters offered were just as delicious but the Lazeez Aloo Tukri took the cake. I learned from the management that restaurant grinds their very own spices, and even curdles their own cottage cheese.

We went onward to try the mains. The mains comprised of an interesting array of vegetables ranging from ‘Chagezi Paneer’, ‘Sabz Kadha Masala’, ‘Rajasthani Bhindi’ (this was differently prepared and tasted yummy! The okra was cut lengthwise to make it look like a broomstick. It was fried to perfection, and had a crisp feel to It.). The Dal Makhani followed suit. The vegetables were accompanied with breads ranging from Ulta Tawa Paratha, Cheeze naan, and butter naan.

My hunger pangs didn’t abate even after. Hence my friend and I savoured a Veg Dum Biryani, coupled with a Boondi Phudina Raita. I have never had more delicious raita before. I could actually taste the mint in the Raita. The boondi (crispy fried savoury snack) too was crisp and melted into my mouth as I spooned some.

We women ended on a sweet note with a Matka Zaffarani Phirni, which incidentally to my delight wasn’t too sweet. It was perfect and has a rich smattering of saffron and dry fruits. The Jalebi Rabri was different too. It was deliciously fresh. The Rabri had acquired just the right consistency. All in all it was a wonderful meal.

In a conversation with the restaurant staff and chef we learnt that everything from the spices to the sweets is prepared in-house. Which is why we could sense the freshness and novelty in each preparation.

On an endnote I would like to add that I totally would like to put up in the property for a night. I have not only heard but also even seen for myself that the hotel is very considerate toward their employees. Since there is much kindness, the people work here for very long durations.

Give into indulgence tomorrow at Gulmurg, with the brunch of your dreams!



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