The Goose & Gridiron- Garden Pass

The Goose & Gridiron- Garden Pass

I walked into Goose and Gridiron on the brink of summer. I was in for a real surprise! The ambiance was simply breath taking. The setting was very rustic and colourful. We were simply cut out from the grime and dust of the real world. The wooden benches and tables added to the bucolic settings. The walls were covered with murals from different regions adding character to the décor. I simply loved the place. They have a screen put up, specially for those who cherish watching games like cricket and football as a community.


However, the time I visited the Goose and Gridiron, I enjoyed the Karaoke night.  I enjoyed singing some English numbers. They had played some famed Bollywood, and Tamil tracks too. The Goose and Gridiron simply got the child out of me. It is simply amazing to watch people unite in the common spirit of music.


The food was delightful. I started off with a traditional classic onion and traditional vegetable clear soup. The caramelized onion added flavour to the soup.


The soup was followed with, ‘Rocket Pear Salad’. The salad consists of fresh rocket leaves coupled with juicy pears, completed in an orange dressing and topped off with caramelized walnuts.


I simply enjoyed the ‘Tequila marinated pesto chicken’. It is interesting to note how chefs these days pair food with alcohol, giving the dish a whole new dimension. The grilled breast of the chicken is marinated in tequila, and rubbed with pesto. The same is served with Tomato Pilaf rice.


The ‘classic chicken pan fried

noodles’ reminded transported me back to the nostalgic era.


The ‘Tex -Mex cottage cheese steak -char grilled cottage cheese in salsa rossa’ was delicious too. The cottage cheese was soft and simply melted the moment I put it in my mouth. The salsa imparted an authentic flavour.


I couldn’t miss my favourite part of the meal. And certainly I was in for a real surprise. I have a certain soft corner for fusion desserts. This is simply because it involves oodles of creativity, and thought.


I cherished the ‘Baked coffee roagulla’ comprising of coffee infused roagulla with cookie crumbs and delicious coffee ice cream. The coffee went really well with the Roasgulla. It is one of the hottest takes on the menu.


I ended my meal with any guesses? Well.. Chocolate of course! I don’t think any of my meals are complete without chocolate. The ‘Molten chocolate-baked flourless cake with liquid chocolate centre’ simply transported me to seventh heaven.


All in all, I had a wonderful time dining at the ‘Goose and Gridiron’. A certain must visit! Cheers to the lovely venture, the heart-warming staff and an extra star to the ambiance.


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