Tantalizing Talaiva @lower parel

Tantalizing Talaiva @lower parel

People were in for a rude shock after the dreadful Kamla Mills fire. Business came to a complete haul till at the onset of the investigations. Efforts are being made by prominent eateries to revive the former glory, as business simply lost momentum, but things are gradually showing up!


I recently visited Talaiva at Kamla Mills. The restaurant caters to a multi cuisine take. I walked into a modern looking ambiance, complete with mood lighting, and setting the romantic air. This is the ideal place to raise a toast to that special innings in ones life. The restaurant comes alive with foot-tapping music. When great food marries a sumptuous meal, life is perfect! The bar is just as enticing. The décor at the bar is finished with clean lines, and the bar is accentuated with mood lights. The drinks menu is just as impressive as the food menu.


I am indeed very partial to Indian food, but Chef Rakesh insisted that I should try the continental cuisine as well. I did a mix of both the Indian and the continental cuisines, and I must say I enjoyed both.


I started with the Tomato basil soup. This was indeed delicious. I could savour the flavour of each ingredient on my palette.


Next I tried was the ‘Achari Paneer’. The silken cottage cheese chunks were cooked to perfection. I enjoyed the flavour of Indian Pickles. The dish originated during Mughal India, but the Rajput’s cooked it using local pickles making the dish a unique one.


I have never really tasted a dish made using beetroot. Yes I have often seen chefs using beets in Salad. But this is the first time I saw the Beetroot being used in a starter too. The ‘Beetroot Galauti’ is the Rajasthani ode to Lucknowi tradition. The dish is basically a shallow fried patty, what we commonly refer to as a ‘tikki’, topped off with micro greens and dollop of yogurt.


The ‘Aranchi Balls’ were totally unique. The dish comprises of stuffed rice balls coated with breadcrumbs that are deep friend. The starter is served with spiced aioli.


The vegetarian Biryani is also something I totally enjoyed. It is interesting to note how the Nabobs of Hyderabad popularized the dish. The dish later on went onward to different parts of India, and the Rajput’s added their own special flavour, making the dish unique in its own right.


The ‘Papad Mangodi’ is a typical Rajasthani Dish. Keeping the geographical conditions in mind the Rajasthani’s make a heavy use of lentils and pulses in their meals. Take ‘Papad’ (A crispy savoury that is either deep-fried or roasted before it is consumed) for instance. The dish is prepared using a combination of Lentils. The ‘Papad Magodi’ is prepared using ‘Rajasthani’ Papad and other lentils, and is topped off with Garlic and yogurt.


The ‘Bharatpuri Aloo’ is what I tucked in next. This too is a royal Rajasthani special. The Potatoes are cooked in ‘Desi Ghee’ (organic clarified butter), and topped off with a spicy cashew gravy. It is believed that some of the Rajasthani Royals became vegetarian on the insistence of the Royal priest as he could foresee a prosperous future if the kings gave up on their meat. The ‘Bharatpuri Aloo’ was cooked to emulate the flavours of spicy meat in something vegetarian.


I can never miss out on an Okra dish that the Rajasthani’s prepare. I love the way the dish is prepared. The ‘Kurkuri Bhindi’ at Talaiva, is made crispy, and spicy. It is garnished with chuncks of flavoured potato and cumin. The dish is topped off with a rich ‘Foxnut’ sauce that enhances the flavours of the spices in the dish.


‘Ker Sangri’ is another Rajasthani staple. It is a combination of shrub berry and beans that is cooked using a liberal dash of spices, and curd. The dish tastes best with a roti’s cooked in a wood fire oven.


All thanks to Chef Rakesh, I took to the Lasagne. It was simply delicious. The lasagne is an Italian staple that is prepared using roasted vegetables and homemade tomato sauce, set amid sheets of pasta. The dish is liberally topped off with cheese and baked to perfection.


I ended the mains with a Goat cheese pizza, accompanied with peppers and caramelized onions. The pizza is prepared on a delicious base.


I ended the meal with the season’s best, ‘Gajar ka Halwa’. I love the flavour of warm sweetened carrots tantalizing my tastebuds. This was indeed a delicious wrap to a fantastic meal.


All in all I had a wonderful experience at Talaiva. I was treated well, and was served piping hot food by eager servers, who were quick on a heel.


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