#Running” and “#Fitness” part of life

I thought I will share this below – it’s a bit of a long read, but I guess it makes sense to many of us especially to our “#Running” and “#Fitness” part of life – and the impact of #SocialMedia on it.

I’ve been running for over 8 years now and have cycled most of my life right from kid to school to later in few Cycling events to a certain extent. I’m very often asked-
– Why haven’t you done an #Ironman?
– Why haven’t you done a #sub3marathon?
– Why haven’t you attempted to Run #Comrades?
– Why haven’t you run a 100 mile?
– Why haven’t you got six pack abs?
– Why not Run the big 6?
– Why not train for a #BQ? (at some point I had man a sit on my back asking me to train for it and he will fund the trip — which I found it bizzare)
– Why not Run Mumbai Marathon (Nope I still haven’t run it)

Realistically speaking, it’s a personal choice – I think I would have loved to give a shot at the above, but at the same time I don’t feel I’m not missing out on anything at all — and I ask myself Why should I do it? — what will I be missing out if don’t ? — as I still do my runs to my content.

Yes I get inspired by looking at people do such stuf — but then there is a thin line between being #inspired and #fearofmissingout – an extract from an article kind of validates that.

That being said, it’s a totally personal choice & also a perspective, but it’s important to do (in pursuit of the sport we are in) because we really really want to do and commit to it & not because of #FOMO.

In #MarkManson‘s words

“In our culture, we regularly celebrate people who become rich by doing exceptional things. But the nature of those “exceptional things” often requires extremely high opportunity costs. #BillGates famously slept in his office five days a week and remained single well into his 30s. #SteveJobswas a deadbeat father to his first daughter. #BradPitt can’t leave his house without being bukkaked by flashbulbs and cameras. The man has stated that he’s gone through periods of depression due to the social isolation caused by his extreme fame.

We live a #life that is constantly pelted with reminders of everything we are unable to become, – called #FearOfMissingOut.

200 years ago, people didn’t have this problem. If you were born a farmer, you likely didn’t have many opportunities beyond farming. Moreover, you likely weren’t even aware of opportunities beyond farming. Therefore, devoting everything in your life to becoming an expert farmer involved next to no opportunity costs and next to no FOMO. After all, there was nothing else to miss out on. In a bizarre and backward way, people back in the day could “have it all.” They had it all simply for the fact that there was nothing else for them to have.

Every person who decides to sacrifice their dating life to advance their career is now bombarded constantly by the rambunctious relationships of their friends and strangers. Every person who sacrifices their career prospects to dedicate more time and energy to their family is now bombarded with the material successes of the most exceptional people around them at all times. Every person who decides to take a thankless but necessary role in society is now constantly drowned in inane stories of the #famous and beautiful.

But what’s the answer to this? What if the answer is to want #less?

What if the solution is simply accepting our bounded #potential, our unfortunate tendency as humans to inhabit only one place in space and time. What if we recognize our life’s inevitable limitations and then prioritize what we care about based on those #limitations?

What if it’s as simple as stating, “This is what I choose to value more than everything else,” and then living with it?”

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