Oh! Fudge - The story of a sweet success

Oh! Fudge – The story of a sweet success

Oh! Fudge is a gourmet dessert chain which offers fudge, a classic dessert, in different contemporary flavors to suit the tastes of a wide range of customers. While desserts in the market today heavily rely on artificial flavors and preservatives, Oh! Fudge has steered clear of this route, offering only vegetarian handmade yet professionally prepared fresh fudge and various other dishes, but with fudge at the heart of each of them.

Oh! Fudge has many signature food items with their own unique selling propositions. Their Classic Chocolate Walnut Fudge is a crowd favorite and never fails to delight the customers, having received rave reviews on all platforms. The best quality chocolate and walnuts are sourced from across the country to use in the recipe, which has been tested to perfection. A variant of this dish is Chocolate Roasted Almond, with a generous load of chunky and crunchy almonds to complement the sweet and soft chocolate. For the hazelnut fans, their Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge is the one which the company swears by.

After more than 20 batches of trial and error, the perfect technique to roast hazelnuts was found, offering fudge with a flavor to match the heavens! Dark Chocolate Mint Fudge is one it’s kind offering, as mint and chocolate are not really considered complementary to each other in the immense dessert marketplace of India. Even if there is a demand, there are not many options to choose from, making it a unique arrow in the company’s quiver! Chocolate Peanut and Caramel Fudge with its rich salty caramel and finely ground peanuts have been inspired by a childhood love of peanut butter cups. The last one is in high demand and yet is an acquired taste. Dark Chocolate Fudge does justice to the promise of providing best quality dark chocolate, which lingers at the back of the tongue even hours after the fudge has been eaten. One bite of any of these dishes is like a rush of pleasure which only creates a craving for more.

Oh! Fudge is an accidental brainchild of founders Jayesh Mirchandani and Prateek Vaid who officially launched it in December 2016. They are not food manufacturers by profession, which makes the story of Oh! Fudge’s inception quite unique. Seeking a break from their corporate jobs, Jayesh and Prateek set out to develop their own website. Though within a year, due to allocation of most of the resources towards the website their funds quickly got depleted. So they had to look for an alternate source for earning money. Selling fudge was not their first idea of business. But if they were going to do it, then they were determined to be the best. They got the recipe of fudge from Prateek’s mother who had been making delectable fudges for 25 years as gifts for family and friends. After sourcing the recipe, they started to work on how to take it to the next level of perfection. “In the end, the recipe we mastered was so good that it would have been a crime not to share it with the world,” as stated by Jayesh Mirchandani.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Oh! Fudge and its products have received phenomenal responses from its consumer base. This success they say has been possible because they have worked hard to make sure that people connect with the brand values of Oh! Fudge and, of course, with their products. Presently, there are 6 stores of Oh!Fudge in Mumbai, out of which 2 are company owned and 4 are franchises. Two more company-owned stores are slotted for launch in February 2018.

The vision behind Oh! Fudge, as stated by its founders, is constantly evolving, “We started off just trying to create a product that people love. At the same time, we wanted to provide a healthier option to satisfy dessert cravings, as a counter to all the products full of artificial flavors and preservatives which are flooding the market today. We want to be an all natural food company that specializes in desserts. Slowly, we’ll expand into other verticals of the food space.

For now, we’re growing slowly in the retail space where we have introduced readymade jars of fudge. We are also working on getting our manufacturing capabilities up to scale to support a healthy franchisee network.”

About the Founders-

Oh! Fudge (Crumbroll Foods) was founded by Jayesh Mirchandani (27) and Prateek Vaid (27). Both were batch-mates at Mudra Institute of Communications ((MICA), Ahmedabad.

Jayesh Mirchandani did his graduation from HR College and after pursuing post-grad at MICA, worked in the Marketing and Product Team at Happily Unmarried. He is responsible for Design, Marketing, and Packaging at Oh! Fudge.

Co-founder Prateek Vaid, is an engineering graduate who got his MBA from MICA. He then worked as a Consultant at Cognizant. Currently, he is handling Operations, Product and Finance.

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