Kettle-‘ling’ away @The Kettlery Tea Bar opens its first outlet in Mumbai

It is a one of a kind and exclusive tea bar that displays the entire product line of The Kettlery in a comfortable yet classy all day setting. One can experience exotic teas procured from around the world and food delicacies in a charming environment. 

With over 75 different kinds of world class quality teas and blends to choose from, The Kettlery is a dream destination for tea lovers. 
The all day, all veg menu at The Kettlery is curated by the celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani  who is also the Culinary director at The Kettlery where he will be whipping some lip smacking dishes and  healthy recipes to match with your teas.

It was a long day indeed! I straight made my way to the opening night of ‘Kettlery Bar and Kitchen’ (Juhu) after attending an award function (Yes indeed! I bagged the women achievers   award too). All thanks to chef Vicky Ratnani, who lovingly insisted I should make it. I was very warmly received at the venue by the entire family   ‘The Kettlery Bar and Kitchen’. The staff served smilingly and had a complete knowledge of everything on the menu.
Chef Vicky, (who has also curated the menu at the venue) left no stones unturned at making me feel at ease after a tiring day. After exchanged pleasantries with a few other prominent food bloggers who were invited on the opening night; I sat down to sip on some piping hot ‘mushroom soup’ that was painstakingly prepared by Vicky himself.
I looked around to find the ambiance was themed around tea. Tea drinking forms an integral part of many cultures around the world. In India too we often take to tea drinking as a casual ritual. I could more fittingly make it a social event, where people catch up, engaging in a casual banter with family and friends.
Vicky has has brought back a slice of the tea culture from various pockets around the world in lieu of fostering a cohesive understanding of cultures using tea as a medium. The array is endless, and comprises of a stunning collection of raw tea- leaf blends that are brewed right in front of you. One can find everything from back, white, green teas, to the latte’s, speciality blends, and not to forget the detox and wellness variations too.
I have often heard of wine and food pairings. But for the very first time I was introduced to a tea and food pairing. I was in for a pleasant surprise when I dug into by first starter. I started with the ‘Asian Spiced Bajra Cakes’. The dish is prepared using the Asian herbed Millets, served with the delicious ‘Kolhapuri Thecha’ dip. They menu is wonderfully styled they also give you the perfect tea blend that will go along with the dish. With this particular starter the recommended tea blend is the ‘Secrets of the East’. This speciality blend is a fruity infusion comprising of eight unique ingredients including rose and saffron.
The next dish I tried was the ‘Beetroot Shikhampuri Kabab’, complete with a soft tangy centre that melted in my mouth like butter. I have never tried anything tastier! The dish blends best with the ‘Grace of Monaco’ speciality tea blend that comprises of green and white tea blends including hints of vanilla and sunflower. The blend is best suited for Jasmine tea lovers.
The ‘Avocado Toast’ was just another favourite! The avocado is genuinely mixed with cherry tomatoes and red radish topped off on multigrain toast. The dish goes best with the ‘Paradise Island’ speciality tea.
On Chef’s insistence I tried the delicious ‘Black Rice Khichdi’. The dish looked very unique indeed, but the moment I spooned the ‘Khichdi’ I fell in love with it!  The dish comprised of a comforting blend of black rice, lentils, and a rich smattering of veggies. The ‘Ayurvedic Bliss’ is the recommended tea blend that goes perfectly with the spices infused in the ‘Khichdi’.
I have to end the meal on a sweet note. My dessert comprised of the perfect ‘Himalayan Honey, and Lemon Tea Cake’. I coupled this with the classic ‘Masala Chai’ and ended on a perfect note.
I wish the  The Kettlery Tea Bar very well on the advent of their esteemed venture.  

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