Fries are before anything always

So when the new dhadoom by chef Harpal Singh

Was opened in Matunga I was beyond happy since it means I’ll get to go there every now and then.

The place is very famous for fries but the drinks and the dessert and even the main dishes are to die for .

The drinks I tried

1. The paan milkshake- most unique combination , best combination ever , I am not a huge paan fan but this makes it taste wonderful and your mouth gets a roller coaster ride MUST TRY

2.Bubble gum milkshake- unique combination liked the taste of it, suprising and satisfying

3.The Marathi thessa fries- man o man the chutney on the top is everything it’s a burst of flavours you have got to try this.

4. Paneer burjhi aur aloo- paneer is everyone’s favourite but this was cooked very well and the masala was very subtle and nice .

5.dal makhani aur chawal- cooked in authentic Punjabi was is a clear winner. And the taste is amazing

6.oreo pakoda- when I saw the name I was excited to try this , Oreo like a pakoda YES IT IS AS AMAZING AS IT SOUNDS,you haveto try this, it’s such a beautiful surprise in your mouth, this dessert is worth every calorie

7.korean I cream- this is a mixture of sweet and spicy and when you bite into the dessert you first get a strawberry taste and later you feel something is spicy it’s very fun and interesting and yummy to have

Honorable mentions : PAV BHAJI FRY, AMERICAN CHEESY FRIES must taste

Overall had an amazing time at the place, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and the food is so good even your family and old people will love it ..


Are you on a ‘see food’ diet ? 😉 Well, here’s the time to go grab some saucy & flavoursome fries this Sunday! Don’t just think, go grab it now at your nearest Dhadoom outlet.

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