The Post Office Bistro & Bar - VASAI -STAMP DUTY

The Post Office Bistro & Bar – VASAI -STAMP DUTY

It was a really hot day, and I was tired! When I happened to get a call on my phone from Mr.Mayur Chorghe .. He asked me to come and review his restaurant outlet at Vasai. He was so humble and urged me to come and bless his restaurant. I totally forgot about the tiredness and got ready to go on. Vasai is indeed far for me, but trust me the experience at ‘Post-office’ was totally worth it.


I got into the cab and just as I reached , mayur  ensured that even the driver who drove me to Vasai got a meal. I walked in admiring the very thought provoking ambiance that directly transported me back to the old independence era! The staff was courteous as ever, and imparted with some royal treatment. I was given so much respect , that I am indeed running out of words. His gestures were humble, and wouldn’t put a morsel in his mouth till I took a bite of mine.


The food was delicious. I fancied the Papad Paneer Tikki. This was cottage cheese stuffed with crispy papad, which indeed took me by surprise. I sipped on a delicious Burmese soup too. Unlike other Burmese Soups this was well balanced with vegetables and coconuts supported in the appropriate portions. The Pink Sauce Penne Pasta is a must have! It is deliciously creamy and saucy, and consuming that pasta leaves one with a wholesome experience. The Tandoori Con on cob is another celebrated item here. The corn is roasted in a traditional charcoal fired kiln, and is smeared with a lip-smacking dash of spices. The corn is served with fresh coriander and mint chutney and a fresh green and purple salad.


I ended on a sweet note with a tiramisu. It simply felt like I was eating the sky, as the dessert was fluffy, light, and I could sense every flavour in my mouth. The rates printed on the menu are unbelievably reasonable, as it is mayur  feels that it is his duty to feed the hungry, and no one should go back from his restaurant with an empty stomach.


I was pleasantly amused by the way the bill arrived. The bill arrived in a small envelop, that was suitably put in a small post office box. Overall, a wonderful joint, and a very pleasant dining experience.

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