Josh Talks foray into the regional space with four regional channels..

Josh Talks foray into the regional space with four regional channels..

New Delhi, February 2018; India’s highly acclaimed storytelling platform Josh Talks has made a foray into the regional space with the launch of four new channels. These channels encompass four new languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and Tamil. This ensures that their stories showcase the real Bharat, by penetrating to the grassroots level through the most relatable medium: the medium of language.

After all empowerment is universal – it typically doesn’t have a language. But to harness someone’s true potential, we have to empower them in the most impactful manner possible. We’ve found that the most potent method of this communication is our own respective mother tongue. It has the power to stir us and spur us to action like no other language can, because it does not only resonate with our brain – it resonates with our spirit. India, our beloved nation, has a rich tapestry of many such languages.

Known for singing the Gujarati version of Jabra Fan, from Shahrukh Khan’s critically acclaimed film Fan, singer Niren Bhatt also shared his story with Josh TalksGujarati. Talking about the launch, he added “Am very excited about sharing my story with Josh Talks Gujarati. The youth of today has a lot of potential but they lack a sense of direction. A platform like Josh Talks Gujarati gives them a chance to tap into the potential they have and empowers them to make conscious choices. Listening to stories in your own language is much more relatable and impactful.”

Josh Talks is keen on engaging with and building a diverse community of young leaders who can reshape attitudes, lives, and ultimately the world. These upcoming channels will focus on well-researched, highly impactful content that focuses on capturing the imagination of localised Indian communities. They will highlight the stories of regional role models from diverse fields who will serve as speakers to instill motivation and raise the aspirations of Young India.

Launching the Marathi channel with his story of struggle, Marathi superstar SubodhBhave added, “I liked coming to Josh Talks because it gave me chance to talk with the younger generation. This generation is going through very complex situations and there is need of a better dialogue to understand this generation. We learn something about ourselves when we listen to people we respect or to whom we consider as our idols. And Josh Talks is bringing such people to their platform and making this dialogue happen to inspire young minds.”

Josh Talks was co-founded by Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul in January 2015, in order to unlock the latent human potential that resides within all of us. What started as a simple conference back then is now the fastest growing impact media organisation that covers a wide array of subjects with speakers from every conceivable background, including entrepreneurship, public policy, sports, entertainment and social initiatives. With multiple regional languages in their ambit, their stories and speakers all echo one desire: to inspire action.

Josh Talks seeks to nurture a passionate community of young individuals from rural and urban areas, with a special focus on tier II and tier III cities. It has an exponentially growing viewership due to its highly relevant content that opens the young minds of our nation to an infinity of possibilities. Over the last 3 years, the company has toured over 28 cities in India, showcased over 500 talks and touched over 35 million lives, both online and offline. They have also conducted more than 100 workshops across colleges in India in collaboration with Facebook, the world’s largest online community.

Speaking about the new venture, Josh Talks co-founder and CEO ShobhitBanga said, “India is a vibrant nation that is witnessing truly tremendous growth. Our channels seek to capture its full splendour – especially by showcasing its diversity.”

“Language plays a key role when it comes to communication. It is only fitting that we expand to cover as many languages as possible in order to deliver a message that truly resonates with the audiences”, said Josh Talks co-founder and COO Supriya Paul.

Josh Talks is expected to increase its regional offerings in the foreseeable future.

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