#FitToFight Award winner, Geeta Shridhar is truly an inspirational spirit. As she receives the Award from Kangana Ranaut, she truly deserves to win it.



The MasterChef finalist, is undoubtfully a master in everything, the wonder women GEETA SHRIDHAR, lovingly called as GEETA MAA by all of us is a very energetic person who thinks about others before thinking about herself, Blogger by profession, Geeta Maa is nothing less than inspirational for many budding youngsters who aspire to gain name and fame in the blogging world. It is the story of perseverance, dedication and strong resolve to face the challenges head-on.


With a bright smile on her face, the God of blogging, Geeta Maa always converse in a very polite, gentle and appreciating manner, makes a person feel so special,


Being an expert in cooking she started blogging on consistent requests from her well-wishers as she says,

“A request or may be an order by my family and friends to start and express my views via blog is the initially urge that was needed to start a blog”.

Passionately admiring all her dreams to come through, She recalls,

“And sometimes when we put our heart and soul into something we love, it all comes together. The tiny words of encouragement from chef, fellow bloggers, friends and humans were the biggest recognition that kept the passion flourish.
cooking is a passion or simply a thing that bonds me together and Indian Food Express makes that possible”,

In a career spanning over many years in the culinary profession, Geeta Shridhar learnt and developed a strong sense of understanding on Indian cuisines, her very own website,  indianfoodexpress.in the website highlights,  ” Indian Food Express is the brain-child of Geetha Sridhar” as the website is very dearer to her, even as a viewer, the website is very interesting and Geeta Maa’s blogs are spell-binding, once started reading you get magnetically stuck to at least 15 minutes.

My love for Geeta Maa got more intensified When I read an article onyourstory.com on her,

Geetu Ma, the woman who took in 28 children ailing with cancer into her home, and made them her own.

this was how, the title just draged me to read the article, and the article was so touchingyourstory-Geeta-Sridhar-InsideArticle1 and inspirational, She has two beautiful young daughters – one an engineer and the other studying to be a doctor – who she raised to become as golden-hearted and kind as she is
“One day mydaughter placed a condition; she would only have her curd rice, in return for a promise from us. I told her I’m not buying her video games or dolls or any such nonsensical fads. She assured me that what she was going to ask of us was not materialistic. I protested but my husband agreed – soon, I realised that she was throwing this tantrum only because she knew she was asking for something perhaps more tricky than anything monetary,” recalls Geeta Ma’am.

Her daughter Charu, 12170501_10205308083127039_1794066119_n-300x300 said she wanted to completely shave off the long thick hair that is the pride and identity of south Indians.On asking her daughter she discovered that one of her daughter’s friend was undergoing chemotherapy due to which he was losing his hair,
“I was thinking, if my daughter can do something so immense and selfless, why couldn’t I?”
and then, how she decides to shower the healing power of her unconditional love on those 28 sweet little angels is significant.


She has won many accolades. #FITTOFIGHT SPIRIT IS STRONG IN GEETA SRIDHAR. Done many successful Indian Food and blogging Festivals spreading taste and culture of India
Geeta Maa along with being the best blogger she is an inspiration for everyone, A TEACHER, MOTHER, SOCIAL WORKER, MASTER CHEF FAME and everything.