The Junction - TJN @TheJunctionTJN

The Junction – TJN @TheJunctionTJN

The junction
The new dessert pub for all dessert lovers
The following are the dishes I tried
1. popcorn shake-MUST MUST MUST have not even exaggerating on the must it’s a wonderful experience in your mouth is something you won’t regret and end up buying one more for sure
2. Judwaa -Nutella and Hershey’s milkshake must try for chocolate lovers
3. Strawberry cookie- taste of fresh strawberries is amazing
4. The God father as exciting as the name is the dish is also great must try pancakes
5. My personal favourite valentine waffle cute heart shaped waffles will win your heart instantly and the surprise of jelly in the middle will make you happy
6. Dark and white waffle was also great.
Overall the place is great and is a must try will be visiting again for the popcorn shake

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