organic imli

puli sadam

1. Dry roast Chenna dal, dhaniya ( each 2 table spoon) , Methi seeds-1 tea spoon, pepper-1 tea spoon, hing- 1 tea spoon. Keep it aside. 2.dry roast 1 table spoon black sesame seeds. Keep it aside. 3. Add a drop of oil. Roast 5 to 6 red chilly. Ground all together. 4. In a heavy kadai. Add1/4 th cup sesame oil. Season with mustard, urad dal, Chenna dal, 5 red chilly, hing, Handful of curry leaves. Add 1 cup thick fresh squeezed lemon size tamarind pulp. Add salt and turmeric powder. 6. Once it becomes thick and leaves oil, add 2 table spoon of this powder. Mix well. Add a pinch of jaggery. Cool down. 7. Cook rice separately. Cool down. Add sesame oil -2 spoons, turmeric powder on top of the rice. 8. Add pulikaichal ( tamarind gravy) as per your taste. Mix well. Add salt, some puliyodirai powder. Mix well. 9. Once again season with mustard, urad dal, Chenna dal, hing, peanuts, and curry leaves. Pour on it. Let it be aside for couple of hours before serving. It will enhance the flavor.

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