Santa Claus is coming to town! – IM MUMBAI – SION TO MATUNGA

Hi friends,

I am going to be playing Santa Claus this Christmas 🙂. It has always been my dream. You will find me in various spots of Sion & Matunga on Christmas Day (December 25th). I will be distributing gifts to each and everyone I can reach out to

Every Santa need Elves. You can help me fill my goodie bag by contributing gifts. The gifts need to be very simple – chocolates, sweets, biscuits, slice cakes, crayons, stationery for children, caps, small toys, juices, etc. Nothing expensive.

The idea is to simply spread as many smiles as we can. Rich or poor, old or young, bold or beautiful – we want to reach out to all!

Help me fill my bag. Comment or DM me. And let’s spread smiles.

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