A heart warming afternoon spent well with the gleeful senior citizens Of Jeevan Asha Family’) #ReasonToCelebrate

Very recently I stumbled upon an interesting video. The Vblog captioned read, “Santa Clause really existed”. I was simply amazed! All my life I grew up believing that Santa is a fictional character. As I delved into the details of the video, I started to look back, and realized, that Christmas has derived a whole new meaning in the recent times. Today, Christmas is all about the ginormous amounts spent on gifts, and not on the quality time spent with kith and kin. Branding and consumerism have been a driving force of economic growth, but I simply wonder what happened to the simpler things, that led to psychological advancements?

While I was thinking about the goodness and what I could do to make a difference to people’s life, an opportunity fell in my very own lap! I got a call from MR. AJOY BALAKRISHNAN . GM  of Radisson Mumbai Goregaon
fame, and he sincerely urged me to come and feed all the old people at the ‘Jeevan Asha Family’ (Andheri).

I had recently taken a break owing to Malaria, and I thought there was no better way of jump-starting all over again! I went to the old age home to witness many delighted faces come to me. The food was simple comprising of holistic party snacks that included idlis, sandwiches, and cup cakes. But the smile that followed the meal was priceless! I was fortunate enough to serve every senior citizen present there. Every time I put something in their plate, they blessed me endlessly. They were ecstatic about to dancing and singing with Santa Clause (that was organized by the Radisson Group). They zealously posed in front of the camera, adding hilarity to the event.

Something that amazed me most was, they seemed pretty satisfied with whatever little we offered them. Infact some of them would stop us from giving too much as the brunch was to be followed by dinner. They were happy in the little and simple things. Even those who were bed-ridden part-took just as eagerly! As I went around putting the Santa caps on their heads they couldn’t contain their excitement. There were squeals of joy when the Christmas carols were sung.

As I was making my way out of the premises, one senior citizen came up to me and said, “Why don’t you come every month? We really had a nice time!” I had tears of joy in my eyes. He asked for such a simple thing, and that was nothing but my time. I cannot thank my PR kANIKA  enough for having me come and serve these lovely angels in the blessed days of Christmas!

Very often I have read how children treat their parents! It is appalling indeed! They are not asking for more than your time! Expensive gifts and clothes do not matter to them, what really matters to them is some kind words, some laughter, and joy! At that age, there are many who don’t even have a companion, and they are all out seeking company to add that little smile to their mirth. I am very privileged to be given the opportunity to do my bit. I hope to keep a day aside from my schedule and devote it solely to those who gave us our life and made us who we are today!
As a food blogger and writer, I sincerely urge all restaurants and hotels to partake in noble causes such as this. Blessings are so priceless, that I assure you 2 folds the profits in the following year!

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