How is that possible?” you’re probably saying. Well, Santa Claus is much bigger than one person. You probably already figured out that yourself, didn’t you? Santa Claus is made up of all the energy and love from people all over the world. He is a tremendous spirit who can do magical things. But it’s not as literal as a man in a red suit climbing down the chimney. In a way, it’s even more magical simply because it happens in such unique ways…

its me as santa for powai street kids sponsored by Sandoitchiand @creed media by Elsie Gabriel and Tanya Gabriel Satish


Santa Claus is said to make lists of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior (“good” and “bad”, or “naughty” and “nice”) and to deliver presents, including toys, and candy to all of the well-behaved children in the world, and coal to all the misbehaved children, on the single night of Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this feat with the aid of his elves, who make the toys in his workshop at the North Pole, and his flying reindeer, who pull his sleigh.

He is commonly portrayed as living at the North Pole and saying “ho ho ho” often.

This is the person ( Geeta Sridhar))
who becomes the embodiment of Santa (or Mrs. Claus) themselves. They put on, or grow, the beard, put on the red hat, perfect their Ho-Ho-Ho. They wave from parades, hold squirming babies on their laps for pictures.

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