#Mumbai #ComicCon2017 -The crowd, the atmosphere, the vibe was all beyond comparison!

All my life Comic Con was a distant object for me, Since i was in neither of the 4 host cities. Till date it was only something i saw or heard on TV or movies.. But that changed this year. Thanks to my son @jay kumar singh ..A Day I will never forget…..What a weekend it was, The Special Guests, The Artists, The Fan Zones, The Cosplayers, The Performances and Comics and more Comics. It was a wonderful experience.
Everything was organized, volunteers were helpful. Moreover, the audience was great .

 it went soooooo good that my legs started paining but i dont wanted to leave that place. Loved the crowd. Loved their enthusiasm for fiction world. Next year planning to be part of Cosplay?…. with jay .

The most awaited weekend of the year where you can be whatever you want to be and nobody will bother…. hats off to the support team of Comic Con India on putting up such a great show Comic-Con is so legendary, so great thrill place to be along with your son,
And see people in their fav character was actually thrill

A place where you forget all your workplace and personal worries of ur adulthood and be able to cherish all your childhood days..�� Could it be any more amazing.. The ambience.. the vibes.. the decorum of the place makes u want to stay there forever …The time of the year which i always wait for.. and with each passing year its gets even better.. i wish you guys start keeping it for 3 days each in mumbai.!

Awesome Reasons to attend the show!

1.) International & Indian Guests: We bring in the best pop-culture guests period! From leading comic book creators from India and around the world, to the biggest cosplay artists & youtube stars, we got them all!
2.) Comics Power: We lead the charge in promoting the comic book culture in the country! From the latest Indie comics, to the our old favorites such as Amar Chitra Katha, to the best selling International titles from DC, Marvel all the way to VIZ & Kodansha! You will find all of them and more at our show.
3.) Geekiest Merch: No Comic Con is complete without the latest and the best in Geeky Merch! From Tees, Accessories, Action figures, Poster to all sorts of quirky merch! Be prepared to have an open heart & wallet!
4.) Cosplay: One of the biggest highlights of our shows, is providing fans a space to express themselves. From being your favorite Jedi or friendly neighbourhood Spiderman to coming in as the Mother of Dragons – Khaleesi – Cosplay as you wish! You’ll be joined by thousands of other cosplayers at the show, for a party like no other! Register for the Daily Cosplay Contest and stand a chance to win prizes worth INR 50,000/-!

5.) Fan Experience Zones: Crafted for an experience like never before, here’s your chance to enjoy real-world exhibits of your favorite Comics, TV shows, Games, Anime & Movies. Catch the best from the house of Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, Warner Bros & many more…

6.) Indian Artists & Creators: Each show features the leading creators – Artists & Writers from the Indian Comic Book Industry! Come support local creators and check out the best in Indian Comics!
7.) Main Stage: Don’t even think about missing the Main Stage! With sessions & panels every half hour, this is the most action packed spot on the show floor. Some of the sessions include:
• Workshops & Discussions with featured guests.
• Exclusive Comic book launches.
• Cosplay Parade & Contest each day.

What about cosplay?

If you’re a hardcore fan and wish to cosplay, here are the things you must know: You can dress up as whoever you want and walk around the centre. Based on how uncanny your appearance is with respect to the character you’re portraying, you’ll get a thumbs up from Con and – wait for it – a reward of ₹50,000. Oh, and there will be one winner on both the days. If you happen to win on either, you’ll be eligible to contest in the Indian Championship of Cosplay (ICC). But it doesn’t end there. If you manage to win the final round at the ICC, you’ll get to officially represent the country at the Annual Crown Championships of Cosplay.

Are you a fan of the Transformers comic book? How about Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Assassins Creed? Okay, we’re certain that as kids, you’ve binge-read Tinkle. Well, would you like to meet the artists who have been responsible for them? Because  I find them at this year’s Con. Nick Seluk (creator of Awkward Yeti), Andrew Griffith (artist of Transformers), Yishan Li (artist of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Assassins Creed), David Lloyd (illustrator of V for Vendetta and founder of Aces Weekly), Abhijeet Kini (the founder of Abhijeet Kini Studios, illustrator for Tinkle), Sailesh Gopalan (Creator of Brown Paperbag comics), Saumin Patel (comic book illustrator of the Agent Vinod graphic novel.), Sumit Kumar (cartoonist & creator of Bakarmax), Tarun Kumar Sahu (Comic Book Artist at ICBM), Rajeev Tamhankar (CEO of TBS Planet Comics) and Vivek Goel (Founder Of Holy Cow Entertainment). This year, the organisers of Comic Con Mumbai 2017 have a special entertainment section where you’ll see comedians Mallika Dua, Sahil Shah, popular YouTubers Beyounik, Prajakta Koli and International Pro Cosplayer, Nicole Marie Jean as well.

The Cosplay was no doubt, amazing. Seeing the guys and girls putting so much efforts in preparing their costumes was beyond my words.
I’ll visit again next year.


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