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Marooned by the pace of a typical Mumbaikar’s life I was hoping to recharge my batteries; and just then, the universe answered my prayers!

Last week I got a call from Mr. Jai , of Hotel Aureole, who invited me to stay overnight at the property. I found the prospect exciting and promptly accepted the invitation! My ever-charming daughter accompanied me on my stay at the property.


Hotel Aureole is strategically located for every business and leisure traveller. It is just minutes away from the domestic and international airport. The metro is walking distance away from the hotel. The property serves as the most suitable stop for business goers and leisure travellers. The banquet hall is well designed and serves as a perfect venue for any party, family gathering or conference. The staff on the front deck warmly welcomed us showing us to our room.   


We were graciously put up in the presidential suite. The suite is equipped with state of the art amenities. The décor is modern, with clean lines. Graffiti on the walls liven the room. Sprawling French windows overlooking the Mumbai skyline have the onlooker watch with delight. Daylight streams in with gusto. City lights capture the onlookers’ imagination making the nocturnal sights even more enchanted.
The suite is equipped with two rooms, a hall, and two luxurious bathrooms (complete with branded toiletry). The coffee table serves the choicest of tea and coffee options. The room harbours a bookshelf with some of the most interesting reads. The mini bar is stocked with enticing goodies, and will certainly keep you going through your stay! Stocks are periodically replenished! The room is a perfect haven for all those who want to call it a day after long hours of work. be rest assured as the rooms are inducted with a high end security mechanism.


After resting for a bit, my daughter and I dressed up to check out the newly revamped rooftop! The ‘Patch of Sky’ as it is fittingly named, is one of the only rooftop restaurants in this part of the city’s burbs. The restaurant overlooks the swimming pool that has a fidget spinner for some additional fun! The venue comes alive with scenic urbane vistas. Flights took off and trains traverse while we ate, meaningfully translating life as a constant process imbibing change. Comedy shows, live bands, and karaoke make for an integral part of the evening at the, ‘Patch of Sky’. The cuisine served here is global in origin, with a lot of gourmet dishes that go perfectly well with that exotic cocktail blend. We shamelessly dug into many new creations by chef.vishal  (a delicious bred preparation that was finely laid out on a bed of guacamole, and topped off with vegetables tossed in a hint of mustard and other sauces.) We also consumed  a double decker pancake…


In the morning we found our cosy in the all-day-café, named Lume. Here the chef allowed us a tour into the kitchens of Hotel Aureole! I was smitten by the charms of the automated ‘dosa’ maker. The equipment ensured just a fraction of oil compared to what we generally use. The outcome was simply delicious and crispy all the same. The ‘dosas’ could be accorded to customer preference. Lume specializes in Indian preparations too. However the restaurant also serves a very global breakfast. I enjoyed tucking into the warm chocolate muffins, accompanied with a variety of cereals and fresh milk (served either hot or cold). The breakfast mains comprised of a variety of ‘stuffed parathas’ (Indian flatbread with a vegetable filling, an assortment of vegetables can be used to make the filling) served hot, with fresh curd. The South Indian fare was delicious, and comprised of the traditional ‘Idlis’ (Sound Indian, steamed rice dumplings), ‘Dosas’ (Rice flour crepes sometimes topped off with Indian style cooked potatoes sautéed in onions).


The stay was indeed refreshing! On my way out I was gifted a hamper complete with Rum and Vodka miniatures, and some mouth-watering chocolates, and crisps to go with it. As I key off I will add Hotel Aureole is indeed worth a visit!

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