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SPERFINE WHEAT BRAN @FoodThink yummy soft methi paratha ,roti, poori

@FoodThink #FoodThink is an exciting gourmet lifestyle food brand that they  have recently launced at @Sahuwala Group .. they strive to address the new-age need for nutritious foods that tackel the myth that healthy cannot be tasty , by offering products that are conveniently tasty, surprisingly healthy…


they are currently offering 3 products that are all natural and freshly roasted .. the SUPER FINE WHEAT BRAN  OF FOODTHINK ARE FRESHLY PACKAGED AND DO NOT CONTAIN ANY PRESERVATIVES OR IMPROVERS WHATSOEVER..

SPERFINE WHEAT BRAN- is the outer shell of the wheat kernel , its a great source of dietary fibre and iron and is typically mixed in the roti dough as recommended by dieticians… Bran is obviously superfine and roasted for maximum shelf life, unlike the few other options available in the market , making it easy to blend… dont eat i plain…


They are currently available online as well as offline in Dorabjees and godrej natures basket pune…..

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