food NEWLY CURATED South Indian menu at Tuskers-Sofitel Mumbai BKC

NEWLY CURATED South Indian menu at Tuskers-Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Sofitel Mumbai BKC, the beacon of French luxury in India, introduces a newly curated South Indian menu at Tuskers the only five-star vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Mumbai.Savour authentic dishes carefully curated by  renowned Chef S. Sivaraj who  also shared the  riveting insights on the lavish spread of the new menu.


Drumstick sambhar
Tomato milaghu rasam
Ulundhu wadai
Kuzhi paniyaram
Keerai masiyal
Pudalankai pachadi
Ennai katrikai
Puli sadam
Bisi Bela bhath
Andra pulav
Thengai chutey
Thakkalichutney chutney
Appalam ambika
Mooru with karuvepiilai
All prepared by my fav chef from Chennai tiruchi pakkam namma ooru chef.selvaraj….since this is my go-to restaurant anytime I crave good food and amiable service.


But the aroma of spices tossed in coconut oil tempt you as you enter the TUSKERS , compelling you to turn a blind eye to the regular Indian and continental fare that are part of the dinner

TUSKERS  is an ultimate destination for all the South Indian, and Biryani lovers. This casual-dining restaurant serves quality food products & quick services. CHEF. S.SIVARAJ  at the restaurant keep on reinventing and innovating the dishes and try to make you feel at home. In  TUSKERS , the dishes are inspired by the traditional and flavorful ingredients of Indian provinces that promise to give you a great dining experience.

TUSKERS  is all about food memories. The kinds of tastes nostalgia evokes can compare with no other. And, a walk down nostalgia lane, with food is the best possible way to do it. Decor: TUSKERS, @SOFITEL bkc ., has the distinction of being at the corner of  bkc. Standing alone and proud, the restaurant has an interesting frontage, with trees protecting it from too much sun. Inside,  rooms of different sizes are set with tables, giving a sense of privacy while dining out. You could sit on the first floor if you liked.  with the golden yellow table linen, on dark wood tables and flooring. To give the space some more character, alcoves are fitted with colourful photographs to give them a ‘window’ feel. When you tire of looking at an elephant that does not move, you could look at the food displayed on entrance ..


Food: My meal begins with some appalam, with some thengai chutney and thakkali chutney. Sipping the kariveppilai moru  and dry ginger concoction slowly, I examine the menu where traditional foods share space with innovations. Both sections are made using ingredients that come from the best possible sources: . Respectfully, I take a bite of the kuzhi panniyaram , which is made to taste exactly like how i make at home , I’m told, while the pudulankai pachadi   is the vegetarian version with mustard seeds coarsely grinded and mixed in it… I’m not a great fan of eating ULUNDHU WADA , I bite into the wada  reluctantly. It tastes like a soft paneer to me, and I quite like the spice (milaghu ) that surrounds it. Venturing rather tentatively into the appam  , I find appealing, too. It’s got the slippery chewiness of the flour  intact . In between I take a few slugs of kariveppilai moru , reminding me of the glasses of moru  I had consumed as a child. Then the parootaa and pesarattu  accompanied by thangai chutney  comes to my table. I look at it, a little uncertainly. Doesn’t look very bashed. My eyes don’t lie. The taste of the thengai chutney  hasn’t penetrated into its core, although the pearattu  is well cooked. Expected elements of crispness . One bite is all I have. Thakkali rasam is tossed in tomato. Not overly spiced, the milaghu  has a moist succulence that dwells well on my taste buds. I simply must have that puli sadam, andrha pulav and bisibela bhath . .  . . The moment the curry urula kizhanghu podimos arrives, I examine it closely.  Using my fingers, I mix it into my bisi bela bhath  and put a little into my mouth. It tastes nice with a burst of strong flavours that are muted by the blandness of the rice. I could eat the whole bowlful, but dessert waits.


Forget the usual like Death By sweet. I ended the meal on a sweet note. I tried the (what I’d call) vivacious looking,  my favourite arisi payasam made up of kolum rice and milk , (A reduced milk, creamy preparation completed topped off with dry fruits.). ,less sweet which i liked it and i had two cups of it and i took parcel for my hubby too …I must admit my husband could stop himself from slurping the spoon that day.The food is simple and very tasty. They use the spices in just the right portions. The owner and staff ensure that customers walk out feeling happy.

All in all the meal was delicious. Mr.Narayan Kalal, Outlet Manager  took special care to ensure that each dish imparted the essences of the region where is actually came from. All in all they managed to put a smile on my face with ease!

TUSKERS  is nestled comfortably in Mumbai’s bkc  area. I decided to go with the flow and entered the place at the courteous request of Mr. Narayan…. I was impressed by the very chivalrous and warm welcome. Team Tuskers  and  The staff addressed me most respectfully while I was on my visit.

As I was about to call it a day, Mr. Narayan , escorted me all the way out and waited with me till the taxi arrived.


All in all a day well spent as I award a full five on the ambiance, food, courtesy, speed of delivery and all the other factors including hygiene too.


At Indian Food Express, we constantly strive to get you the best from the Food and Hospitality industry in India. After innumerable trips to the kitchens of the hotels, I got curious about what goes behind running big hotels across the globe.  YUMMY AND TASTY FOOD IS THE REASON BEHIND SUCCESS.

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