At Indian Food Express, we constantly strive to get you the best from the Food and Hospitality industry in India. After innumerable trips to the kitchens of the swankiest hotels, I got curious about what goes behind running big hotels across the globe. I read up a little on some of the industry stalwarts and came across some blogs written by Mr. Indrajeet Banerjee. The first piece in which IB (as he is known to his friends and colleagues) talks about the emotional quotient between hotels and their guests is called ‘The Brand Called…Guest’ (https://www.hospitalitynet.org/opinion/4082334.html). This interesting read where he truly elaborates on relationships between hotels and customers lead to several other blogs that he wrote.

It got me curious to know more about him and get insights on ‘behind the scenes’ of the hotel industry in India. A mutual friend arranged for our meeting and to my delight, IB was kind enough to share all the knowledge that he had gained over years. It completely changed the way I looked at the hospitality industry after an elaborate chat with IB over dinner.

IB started his career as a Sales Executive at United Airlines in 1995. Since then, he has never looked back and has come a long way to inspire hundreds and thousands of people who worked with him. A natural leader and a graduate of St. Xavier’s College, IB humbly reminisced days when he began his journey with sticking car posters at one point of time in his teenage days. He rose to various ranks and positions in his life, yet comes across as a grounded and warm person.

A believer of gaining knowledge from the experiences of life, Mr. Banerjee is a self-made individual and is known for his natural ability to build and shape the business of luxury hospitality. It was an evening well spent with this average boy from Kolkata who took challenges, proved his critics wrong at every stage and went on to be felicitated as ‘The Most Influential Sales & Marketing Leader of the Decade’ and ‘The Iconic Hotelier of 2017’.

On his journey of close to 25 years in the hotel industry, IB says, “The industry today has evolved, customers are far more informed, have greater choices, are much more vocal about their experiences and the hotel’s ability to stroke the business through one on one interaction is far less. We don’t see a substantial percentage of our customers today – such is the impact of automation. Globally guests book through online channels and self-booking tools. The masterstroke lies in effectively understanding the online buying behavior and projecting the brand based on target market and the promise it demands”.

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