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Continental Insights @HEMANT OBEROI -BKC

There are people who touch your life in more than ways, leaving behind string of nostalgic memories. I was fortunate to encounter an experience such as this, at Chef Hemant Oberoi’s very own restaurant on my birthday.


On the eve of my birthday, Mr. Oberoi graciously invited me to sample his mouth-watering banquet preparation that was curated especially for me by, Mr. Hemant himself. I was in for the surprise of my life! I was ritualistically welcomed with a royal ‘Hemant Oberoi’ touch, and was shown around the entire system by the very down-to-earth Master Chef himself.  


The Chef intelligently christened his restaurant after himself, taking a departure from the mundane naming criteria’s. His name bears an insignia in itself adding panache to the eatery.


The ambiance is Zen, complete with clean lines and a minimalist perspective doing the rounds. A touch of modern art decorates the ceiling, as the piece imparts light in the most diminutive fashion, adding a generous spark of romance to the simplistic décor. The tables are immaculately laid rendering a global touch. The chef has an eye for sophistication, which we witness in the choice of cutlery and crockery used.


Hemant Oberoi specializes in the perpetration of continental cuisine. The chef drifts away from the use of regular ingredients introducing us to a plethora of fixings that unfailingly tantalizes ones taste buds. The flavours are surreal!


We started with the very creatively crafted Amuse Bouche. It is typically a palate cleanser that is creatively created by Chef Oberoi. It comprised of a sushi, which was very differently flavoured placed on a miniature chair and table. The Amuse Bouche is gradually gaining popularity in the city’s high-end restaurants.

The ‘Chilled Melon Gazpecho’, followed next. A cold soup infused with chilled melon and grated coconut. The chilled soup was interestingly teamed with the warm ‘Leeks Couso Mountain Potato soup’. Flavours of the warm soup are inspired from the South American region of Peru. I later found myself enjoying the Brie and Truffle Soufflé. As the name suggest the dish comprised of a unique combination of Brie cheese teamed with truffles. I was later introduced to a Thai tasting of the Po Hai Chilli Spinach. The dish is healthy and cooked with the liberal use of Thai Bud Chilly and Spinach. This was followed by the Slow cooked Kabucha (Japanese Pumpkin) Puree and seeds dish (the slow cook lamb optionally goes along with this dish). The Three Mushroom Ravioli starred the show! It can be pretty tricky to prepare Mushrooms, but this dish was well prepared complete with all encompassing of flavour and texture. The creamy asparagus risotto with a liberal dash of asparagus shavings was a complete delight. I rounded up the meal with a generous round of Chocolate Shawarma done perfectly!


The meal ended with a bang, and before I was allowed to go; I was in for a bigger surprise that was planned by Chef Hemant and his effervescent team. Chef had specially prepared an artful wafer thin layered Belgian chocolate pastry centred with flavoured butter cream filling. This was the perfect advent to my birthday!


Right from the time I entered the premises to the time I exited the venue, I felt like a queen. I was warmly greeted by all the staff, and encountered with the goodness delivered by the most down to earth chef Hemant Oberoi! Way to Go Chef, may your venture prosper in the years to follow!

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