Cancer – ‘PROOF’

Geeta Sridhar delves in the crux of everything that causes cancer, and how the same can be eliminated, by simply going organic.


Years ago my father passed away after he was gripped by the tenacious clutches of cancer. To overcome the sorrow I found myself partaking in a number of philanthropic activities. In my initial years I pondered of the apathy, and the root cause of the same. Gradually I came to realize that we humans were so consumed by the more modern and quickened pace of the world. We are marooned by the virtues of nature and have plagued our minds by the technological on-goings. We have taken a clear departure from the healthier ways of life, and are literally living out of a packet.


Packaged food involves an exaggerated use of chemicals and inferior quality ingredients to cope with the ever-growing market demands. We cannot overlook the humongous profits a company would procure at the cost of a human beings life. The extreme reliance on packaged food has given rise to a number of lifestyle diseases, and also given impetus for the medical industry to proliferate and prosper. On learning this I put my passion for cooking and foods to good use. I started cooking foods using natural ingredients for my cancer patients.


In my years of service to mankind I learned from a respectable doctor himself that, Doctors play a critical role in identifying diseases and deficiencies. It is interesting to note how a deficiency that can be readily controlled; and is given a larger than life view draining man of his financial resources and leading him to his grave.


He readily gave me an example of a disease named scurvy. Today a disease such as this is unheard of. Two centuries ago a group of seaman often complained of an irritated digestive system clubbed with fatigue. Changing skin colour was another aspect of the side effect. Scurvy was nothing but a deficiency of Vitamin C, but was cut out to be a life threatening disease where doctors made mind-boggling profits.


After the issue of Scurvy was put to rest, and people’s dependence on doctors had tremendously declined. Doctors then, started to give cancer a hype. Cancer assumed a widespread form during the world wars, and the cancer medical industry began to flourish most advantageously in the post world war era.


My father was expected to go through painful chemotherapy and radiation sessions to eliminate the growth of cancer cells in his body. This in turn proves to become more damaging giving rise to extensive pigmentation, brittle nails, and a hoard of ailments. The sickness proved to become physiologically, psychologically and financially draining to everyone in the family alongwith my father.


It was only about a couple of months ago I learnt, that cancer is nothing but a deficiency of vitamin B17. A book named ‘A World Without Cancer’ clearly states how this disease can be eliminated from the root. This can be done using organic and natural remedial procedures ensuring corrected food practices. The deficiency and the remedial procedures were so efficaciously explained that stalwarts from the medical and pathological industry intervened and banned the printing of the book. Dr. Harrold Manner also states in his book, “Death of Cancer”, that the deficiency can be overcome by a little beyond 90% by consuming Laetrile. The production of this component was banned in the United States. This forced people to smuggle the same from Mexico.


My jaws simply dropped on learning how cancer can be cured without going through the ordeal. I thought it imperative for people to understand the deficiency (Please not I am not using the word disease) and take measures to curb the same before it rose and hit the hammer.


Laetrile is a component that is readily found in the stone of fruits such as peach, apricot, pears, and apples. Consumption of 15 to 20 such stones on a regular basis eliminates cancer from the crux. Going natural also includes consuming beans such as lima beans, peas, sprouts, berries, and wheat-bud, and a variety of legumes.


Super foods such as these comprise of high levels of Amygdalin (also known a Laetrile). Catechins in green tea also play a critical role in eliminating cancer from the crux. Green Tea comprises tree folds of catechins as compared to black tea. Catechins help eliminate cancer in the liver, colon, and breast.


Going organic, and heavily controlling the consumption of sugar and lactose can eliminate Cancer. It is believed that the cancer cells feed on lactose giving the deficiency an impetus for the deficiency to grow faster. Medical proponents do prescribe safer alternatives to keep the calcium and other vitamins from draining. Fat is fast becoming a necessary evil owing to excessive consumption of junk food. One requires only so much fat to keep the friction between bones at bay.


Cancer is fast becoming a necessary lifestyle evil. If we are only able to propagate the necessary changes in our way of life we can eliminate the deficiency from the crux, just as we did for scurvy.

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