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6 Hrs of Pinkathon – By Ajit Pathak

Running is a Gift, 6 Hours of Pinkathon is a 6 hours of  Women’s Run

It is a LEAP step towards Women Empowerment and Endurance Test, here the Runners got an opportunity to rediscover themselves by Running 6 hours and broke all personal barriers and bring a re-born with an attitude “Yes, I CAN, I Did –  End of Story!



This was a unique event of its kind and no one has attempted this till date in India or Outside. Our attempt was run 6hrs and Run Injury free, You Don’t need to be a professional athlete or an Ultra Marathon Runner to run 6 Hrs, You need to be a passionate Runner. Which we all are All Runners are, they are people like You and Me of difference Age groups ranging from 25 to 70 years young and have taken up Running as a passion to stay Fit Stay Healthy. We had over 70 Women to participating 6Hrs of Pinkathon.

Here are the experiences of some runners who have broken their personal barriers, Which initially look Impossible and they made it possible…


Manjeet Kaur

The moment I came to know about 6 hrs of Run I was like, “sorry I won’t be able to make it”. I had small kids, in-law n lots of household work. Immediately Ajit Pathak the man with high energy n confidence gave us a small example, Image you have a wedding at your place n you are on your toes for the whole day. This gave me the confidence to attempt. The day I was fully charged to go for it. I started at 4:30 n around 7:00 after completing 21kms there was lots of friction in toes so I removed my shoes n started with barefoot. There was so much of positivity n Cosmo energy all around which kept us moving n moving. Not even a single moment when I felt that I should quit. Just loved running with all awesome ladies. I completed almost 41kms in that 6hrs. This was my lifetime experience and will always be special. Resulted to explore my capabilities, which I was not aware of. Thank You to all for the love and support. Pinkathon has brought a new me.


Bindu Magesh

These words come from the deepest bottom of my heart. It was not easy for me to start running. I had dreamt of it for years before actually putting it to practice. Never before did I experience something so liberating and exhilarating. For a couple of years, it was a lonely road for me, yet I persevered. Then Pinkathon happened and many friends did I make, not the least of all, my dear friend Roopa, with whom I have begun to share almost all my running journeys.

On 23rd July 2017 too, it was with Roopa that I embarked on this unique journey of rediscovering myself. We decided to take it slow in order to last the entire 6 hrs. And to our own surprise, we did 4 loops with ease, with stamina still left for more. In the fifth loop, we crossed 21K, our first Half Marathon distance. Our joy knew no bounds. This was the first time that we surpassed 18K barrier. Our feet had started to tire, yet we continued with the same fervor. It was this and the last loop that really tested us. Our feet, the toes especially, had almost gone to sleep. We decided to run the last loop bare feet. But unfortunately, I discovered that bare feet were certainly not working for me. My feet were falling almost flat on the ground, but there was no turning back. We pushed and pushed and finally completed the sixth round to complete about 30Kms.

What I experienced that day cannot be put into correct words or into a certain number of words. What Pinkathon gave me was beyond comprehension, a lesson into human endurance and spirit. As an individual and collectively as a group, each one of us tested our own limits and put our own limitations to rest, to emerge victoriously. Beyond our fears also lies the world that remains to be discovered and I will be ever grateful to the entire team of Pinkathon, Milind Sir and Ajit Pathak for giving us that very platform that we so very much needed.

Thank you and love you all.

Priti Bhargava

I took up serious running after being inspired by friends who completed Standard Chartered Marathon 2017 despite serious injuries. I was inducted into Pinkathon 5 months ago by Shivani Desai. I was warmly welcomed by Andheri East, especially Manjeet who motivated me to progressively improve my time and distance from 5kms to 10kms. Ajit also inspired and motivated me and made me believe that I can do it despite my not so young age.

I did my first 13km run in April’17 and there has been no looking back since. However, the six-hour run was a real challenge. Again, Ajit Pathak, Shivani, and Manjeet inspired confidence.

I managed to run 38kms in six hours by pacing myself and balance between walking and running. Periodic refreshment was a great boost. However, most credit goes to my co-runners Rashmi, Aarti, and Manjeet who pushed me hard to limits of my endurance.

It was truly a great endeavor, which I will cherish forever.

Bharti Joshi

The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start – John Bingham

John Bingham’s Quote applies to me 100% as I feel the courage to attempt and passion to finish strong and injury free was a challenge for me as this was my first longest run and I’m happy to finish it…. yes I did strong 36kms.

Thank You Pinkathon !!!

Shreedevi Poduval

The 6 hour run by was an opportunity to rediscover my inner strength. Long runs are about mind over body. I experienced UTI and couldn’t walk after 20 kms… I decided NOT TO QUIT,  I ran 20 kms and continued to complete another 13.5 kms to make a total of 33.5 kms. Today I feel proud that I am not a quitter and successfully completed my first 6 hour run.

Today I feel proud that I am not a quitter and successfully completed my first 6 hour run.

Ritu Handa

I started running three years back with encouragement from my husband and Pinkathon family headed by Milind Soman. The journey which started with runs of 6-7 and 10 kms has reached a stage where i can easily run more than 40 kms at a stretch. It has been a gradual and patience progress which included lots of running, strength training, pains, and sacrifice; all for the cause of good health and motivating other women in society to look after their health. From running 10 km, then 21 km i finally managed to break the physical and mental barriers to complete more than 39 kms during 6 hrs Pinkathon run at Malad on 23 Jul. I dedicate this run all my Ambassador friends for the encouragement, Milind Soman for always motivating us and Ajit Pathak for being there and urging us to train hard and push our limits. When i decided to do this challenge like many women i was also not sure what will happen and how will i run for six hours. But once started running i realised that with positive thinking comes the mental strength and mental strength overcomes your physical limits. If a woman decides to achieve something no force in the world can stop her and the entire universe will conspire to help her achieve her goal. So , finally at the end of six hrs i broke a physical and mental barrier, stayed on my feet for 6 hours and completed more than 39 kms. Icing on the cake is one week after this at I participated in six hrs midnight run at Thane on 30 Jul and completed 41 kms in 6 hrs under much tougher and demanding conditions. Hoping to run my first full marathon soon. Also looking forward to running for 12 hrs on 13 Aug and hoping to break the 70 km barrier. Because there are no limits to what human body can achieve. Thank you so much Pinkathon, thank you so much Milind Soman, Ajit Pathak, and  Pinkathon Angel Ambassadors.

Reena Chauhan

It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment and proud. Running has changed my life and given me tremendous confidence. There 6 hrs of pinkathon tough us patience, consistency, determination and self love.

Reshma Hegde

I run my 6 hrs and enjoyed each and every moment of it as I was thinking whether I will be able 2 do it on know but I have done it , I am more happy because I was not well and then too I participated in it enjoyed each and every moment special thanx to ajit sir who encouraged us to do it and yes rest of volunteers too joining pinkathon I know how fit I can be seeing at others I feel dat i can also do it I go for my daily walk jog and I feel relax it’ doesn’t matter for me how fast or slow I run nor do I win or lose as for this I do take part in marathons and enjoy it for me wining or losing is not imp taking part and being active is more imp because of 6 hrs run was sooo excited that I did not sleep at all got up at 2.00am firstly thought my parents won’t leave me as it was too far had to leave early but they supported me n I did it thanx a lot ajit sir for making groups and encouraging everyone 2do it n I m also loving to be a part of pinkathon

Sunita Pratik Pawar

Words cant describe the feeling, anxiety and excitement i was going through when I decided to participate for 6 hours PinkathonForEver.

Till the last day i was thinking whether i will be able to complete the 6 hours run or not….Night before the main event i was getting goosebumps and also thought of skipping the run….

Then finally i decided “WHAT THE HECK” … Participating is more important than completing because to reach the destination you have to take the FIRST STEP … With this determination i decided to run in this event…

I started my run ..Slow and steady i kept running and could not believe that i did till the finish time …
Wow…AT LAST I DID IT…!!!!!!!

WINNER NEVER QUITS AND QUITTER NEVER WINS..!!!! This is the lesson i learned on that day…

Support from lovely Pinkathon Family…made it all happened that day…..

Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza

Even though this was not the first time I have done a 6 hour run, it definitely taught me all over again that running long distance is nothing but a mind game and we women are way stronger than we give ourselves credit for. So women run to keep yourself healthy, fit and happy.. #strongnotskinny

Sandhya Oka

आयुष्याला भिडतांनाही, चैन करावी स्वप्नांची!
असे दांडगी इच्छा ज्याची ,मार्ग तयाला मिळती सत्तर!
नजर रोखूनी नजरेमध्ये आयुष्याला द्यावे उत्तर !
When anyone’s desire is massive, nobody can stop him, There are several options, but “together we will do more”.या उक्ती प्रमाणे सगळ्या pinkies च्या साथीने “dream comes true” Awesome, unforgettable, amazing run of my life ‘6 hrs-32km’ totally unbelievable, खूप खूप धन्यवाद  Ajit Pathak, The real satisfaction is “I did….”We can push our limits.We all are lika a family and enjoying every moment and motivating each_other during run.A big thank you to Milind Soman.”तुम्ही आव्हान द्या…आम्ही ते पूर्ण करु”

The real satisfaction is “I did….”We can push our limits. We all are like a family and enjoying every moment and motivating each_other during the Run.A big thank you to Milind Soman.”तुम्ही आव्हान द्या…आम्ही ते पूर्ण करु”

Ritika Agarwal

Hello, myself Ritika Agarwal here straight from Kandivali..The purest form of feelings and blood if found anywhere is our heart, so keep it young and working well to throwback more of positivity and love by keeping it pump harder with softer notes by keeping it fit and fine, so Run guys Run.one fine morning on the tea table just heard from a fren of mine abt the 6hr Run, the first thing came on my mind was r these people crazy around! whose gonna run for 6hrs?? By evening the crazy creepers inside my Rbc started dancing around, when u can Dance why can’t u Run,  I gave it a second thought and just took it as as fun time for myself with my frens and registered just a day before the Run. The day passed but u won’t believe the night brace sleepless lot many emotions came up left home around 3.30 and reached the starting place,….. What I see was just the first experience for me, and my life took a u turn, the thoughts of adventure settled down to fitness and a proverb came up roaring inside.

Varsha Naidu

Before I comment on what I found I want to thank you Milind Soman sir founder of Pinkathon Sharmila Mam Ajit Pathak. And not but the least want to say thank u every one who took part in this event n inspired me to run.

I ran 6 hours with pinkathon it was not easy for me to run my capacity is only to run on road 10 to 14 km’s,  not beyond that but I dare I did 6 hours with pace of 8 with 40 km. I was shocked when I see this record.

Running is my favorite sports now I feel that it reduces stress every time I hit the ground. After tiring run, I set and feel that I can relax more and more.i feel that it is a way to be healthier. When we run, most of my muscles move, and my circulatory system get activated. Therefore, running is the best way to be active, healthy, and relax.

Happy feet happy running.

Sonali Deshpande Haware

6 hours were meant to Run more, to remove my cap of 14kms. I had ankle and heel pain and it was difficult for me to stay running for 6hours. I ran 27kms totally with 17kms of running and 10kms of walking due to pain in ankle but was going on till 6hours. I know could have done more, but this itself is great achievement for me. Atleast fear to run 21km is gone. Pinkathon has motivated in many ways.

Vaishali Telang


I want to share my experience about the 6 hr run with Pinkathon.
I am a slow runner and hadn’t run more than 13 – 15 kms ever. So, 6hrs for me was absolutely unthinkable.
But when Pinkathon gave us this opportunity, I decided to challenge myself this time. I wanted to complete 21k at least and stay on my feet for 6 hrs. That was the plan. Even through knee pain and stiffness, I rested it, stretched and was on road again.

Eventually, I completed 29k, and stood proudly with all my Pinkathon friends and runners after the 6 hr run.
Hats off to our organisers, all volunteers and motivators….
What a memorable day it was !!

Prajna Pujary

The 6 hr of Pinkathon has taught me that if you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not demanding more from yourself — expanding and learning as you go – you’re choosing a numb existence. You’re denying yourself an extraordinary trip…. And Extraordinary life is what I choose with Pinkathon…

Madhavi Rane Chikhale

Its long but I owe it to Pinkathon.
It all started after taking up the RD to ID challenge followed by Sugar Free Challenge in Feb 2017.
During same time a lot of ups n downs were going on in Life…taking up new assignment in Pune away from Family..
Period was very tough but what kept me
going in this extreme tough phase was the challenges and motivational posts on the Groups.
I knew hardly any of dem in person but as if the universe had chosen me to be in this group at this very tym…each of the posts gave me strength to go on and on.
I was excited to do my Runs even between the hectic schedules , travelling in wee hrs and making it up on evenings.
Focus of my life was changed.

I rediscovered my self.
Problems in life were converted into Challenges.
Then 6hrs happened… It is mind as Ajit Pathak say’s, I ran to test waters I did EEH 18k.
21k had been a taboo for me since past yrs.
For doing 6hrs I rushed from Pune prior day, only because the motivation and inspiring Pinkathon GRP believed I could.
And the day came when I DID….my maiden 22k during the 6hrs run.
During the Run I continued the fight against all the naysayers who said I couldn’t… the biggest being Myself.
I conquered my mind during the Run.
Thanks Milind Soman for Pinkathon.
Thanks Ajit Pathak for believing and motivating to push the limits.
6 hrs has energized me to that extent that I have promised myself to reignite it among the women around me.

Live n Let live

Lata Ravi

Running taught me that I can do anything, just so long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I realised that the only fear that exist are those you have placed in your mind and whatever obstacles you conceive, exist only because you have forgotten what you have already achieved.

I have been inspired to attempt things I would have never dreamed possible by Pinkathon…..It all started with a single step.

Pooja Varma

Nothing is impossible if you have dedication, determination and a heart that refuses to give up.

This was my second 6-hour run – the earlier one being a trial run for the current one. I wanted to take part in this run to check my endurance level, my will power and above all to see if it was possible. For me nothing is impossible- I only need to believe in my mental strength and my legs will automatically fly. I had set my target as 45K but ended up completing 42.3K instead, which was equal to a full marathon-my first milestone.
This run taught me how to remain sane in tough and challenging conditions by simply following my heart. It taught me I have miles to go before I sleep and not to mention picture abhi baki hai (Mumbai Ultra).

Manjiri Joshi

23rd July 6 hrs of Pinkathon
I was very excited as it was my 1st 6 hr run.The main aim was to test my endurance and capability and I had a fear whether I will able to sustain for 6 hrs on road.But with the help of my Pinkathon girls I could manage the same.It was raining on and off.I was not comfortable to run in rain but I overcome with it.
“Together we will do more” is the motto of Pinkathon.
The arrangement was awesome.Thanks to Ajit Pathak, his back up team, pacers for encouraging and to find me in myself.
The atmosphere was very lively and it was like a carnival.i am really happy to be a part of Pinkathon which is my second home.Thanks to Milind Soman mentor and guide for building a very good platform to the woman of today to help them to find themselves.

Shital Shah

I ran the Pinkathon 6 hour run.

I broke my own running record , but most importantly , broke all my fears , the walls I had built in my head that a normal runner like me can’t achieve such feats .

I ended the run with tears of joy and with a strong sense of confidence and achievement .
Thank you Pinkathon and Ajit Pathak

Khyati Mistry

My experience for 6 hrs of Pinkathon…..

The belief on which I am living till now came true that ‘Let the difficulties know that you too are difficult’.

The task seem to be difficult but not at all impossible for me. Started with bang on and dusted 36 km in 6 hrs from 4:30 am to 10:30 am.

As a tragedy my app and mobile got switched off after 4 hrs and I lost all my record of about 25 km which I ran with so much passion. Tears rolled out from my eyes but still didn’t loose heart and ran til 10:30 am in the hope that I will count the loops.

In this situation as well hats off to Divya Chotalia, ajith Pathak, Kamakshi Soni, my husband sanket mistry and the main motivation my daughter devashree Mistry made my day and encouraged to complete those 6 hrs.

But there was always the guilt that I don’t have any proof of my run. But on next day by my full research on endomondo app, got my history of 4 hrs which I recorded and my eyes again rolled out in tears of joy which I can’t express.

Thank you Milind Soman sir for giving us this challenge of 35 kms. If this challenge won’t be there then I might have not understood my own potential.

I would have taken it as a fun run. But with enjoyment I understood that it is always in your mind and need to just push somewhat yourself which will make you know yourself better.

Always push a little everyday and you will know your own potential. Everyone had to find that when you get opportunity. Words are endless but ending it by saying special thanks to Pinkathon and Ajit Pathak for such a wonderful event.

Kavita Relan

When I first heard about the 6hrs run I just ignored it thinking it’s not for me since I am just a beginner. But as days passed by, at Pinkathon meets, my Bhandup pinkies Sonali, Preeti, Sangeeta and others kept probing me hence I joined the 6hrs run whatsapp group. Gradually I decided to run for 6hrs and started working towards it. It did not matter how long or how fast. The running experience itself was amazing meeting so many amazing pinkies during the run like Sharmila Munj giving me tips on running, ever helpful Sonali Mehta, Preeti Gupta and so many more inspiring friends and helping each other to accomplish our common goal to run for 6hrs. The last half hour were most critical they would have been most difficult to accomplish without my pinkies help. After 10.30 am the enjoyment of such a great feat was untold.

Kamakshi Soni

Whenever i have thought of “i can never do this” and some pinkathon event comes for me as delight which i take it and acheive it..running for 6hours was truly good oppurtunity for me to go beyond my limits to try myself..i almost completed full marathon distance (41.08kms) which was only in my dreams.I FEEL PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH PINKATHON as it has made me acheive a lot from 3kms to 41kms in a year.

Its only at pinkathon where even a slow runner is appreciated and a small distance is also counted.CHEERS PINKATHON.DIE HARD FAN.


Dr Noureen Nazim Hemani

I am Dr. Noureen Nazim Hemani, a dentist by profession.

6 hours of Pinkathon wasn’t mere 6 hours of running. It was an astounding experience of how the body, mind, and soul can depict exemplary perseverance to reach any passionate goal that one sets for oneself.

I had never imagined the possibility of running beyond 10kms, and I always thought that was my benchmark. This 6 hours Pinkathon run has made me realize that I am capable of accomplishing much more than I think I can, be it my fitness, personal or professional goals.

Thank you, Milind Soman, for always inspiring us to set new benchmarks for ourselves !!

Suju George

The Pinkathon 6hrRun of 23rd July at Mindspace, Andheri gave me a great conviction of the extent of my running capability. At this age of 65 yrs, I completed an injury free 30.5kms in 5.15mnts. The self confidence and experience from this run is what is pushing me to attempt higher levels of endurance like the 12hr Mumbai Ultra. The video interview of mine during the run by Ajit Phatak, the motivator of me, gave the exposure of my passion for fitness and health to my friends n relatives across countries. I am, indeed, indebted deeply to each and every Pinkathon member, viz . Milind Soman, Ajit Pathak , Sharmila Munj, Ambassadors, all pinkies, and all those behind the screen, May I say..
Pinkathon is a great innovation,…it is unique,… It is one of its kind… Many many women like me owe their beautiful life to Pinkathon.

Sonali Mehta

Today, I am on the top of the world after completing my first 28 kilometres Run. A mother who was not able to run half a mile on Fremont road/treadmill, den again tried running in Federal way Seattle with my friend Neelima but Failed to run so focused my workout on Zumba, Pilates, Powerflex.
After moving back to India, did my first 4k marathon with lovely #Jhilmil friends and took almost an hour to complete 4k. During this Fitness journey, met like minded people and didn’t give up running, suddenly one deadly accident had changed my life and knew the importance of Fitness. Prochy Ashwini and Ajit Pathak from Pinkathon community had given a surprise by writing our article which pushed us to start thinking about Women’s health and empowerment. To inspire, motivate others , first, we need to set n example so i have focused on running and help the beginners. Today was 6 hours women run organised by one man show Ajit . He has given us confidence , motivate us to sustain on our feet for 6 hours. All arrangements starting from Hydration to Snacks were amazing without major resources.
We got stretching exercises by professional trainer Nimish Gala after every 4.3k loop which helped us to run more.
I completed first 21k with water n other breaks in 3 and half hour but got severe blisters on my feet because of tapping. But it didn’t affect my will power and determination to stay on road for other 2 n half hours. I walked 7k very slowly and completed 28k. ..Now got confidence to run upcoming 12 hours Mumbai Ultra… Big thanks to Ajit and team for working selflessly for Women’s health and Empowerment

Sharmila Munj

Amazing and great efforts by Ajit….The women Rocked inspiring each other.

Hetal Gala

I can , I did ” … End of story !!!

I dare to run 6 hours of pinkathon

I had never thought of attempting such long distance run ?…
Instead it was always on my mind why people run such distance .. But after achieving 40.5 km in 6 hours.. I got my answer to it !!!?

So much of anxiety , excitement so many questions.. can I complete , can I stretch till 6 hours , 21 km was my barrier which I had never broke before….

On race day the enthusiasm of pinkies made it all possible .. weather was wonderful , start with my planned run of stretching step by step .. 10km , 20 km and it went on .. had some knee pain but diverted my mind to other pinkies who were running and cheering with me .. and moved ahead strongly …

The last loop when I started felt proud of myself that one can achieve if you put your heart in it !!! I discovered new me !!! And achieved the unexpected.

Arti Kamble

I have a friend who’s an athlet n have seen him running marathons, inspired by him I thought of running but couldn’t even run 100 mtrs. When I joined Pinkathon , with my pinkies same thing was achievable very first day n I thought wow I can !!!! Gradually with wend runs I increased my distance but had never imagined I would cross 40 kms. 6 hours of Pinkathon run which was organised by Pinkathon ambassador Ajit Pathak giving us a confidence that we can run beyond our imagination. It was an amazing , unforgettable day for me , of course without my lovely pinkies it was just impossible for me , with their continuous encouragement, laughter, dance we didn’t even realise we have run 6 hours. In between Ajit kept encouraging us while running with us, volunteers kept supporting us for Hydration , energy food. Nimish gala gave us excellent stretching exercise so that we can sustain 6 hours on our feet. All pinkies were just superb and ran best of their life with full of energy and enthusiasm. I find myself lucky to be part of the event.

Shivani Desai

23rd July, 2017 ~ marking this day in the small existence of my being. As I achieved my first milestone of this year… Here’s what I experienced :

Running for six whole hours, while nature sent her showers of blessings in my favorite season, halting only for hydration & stretches, dancing to music in my ears (which must’ve seemed crazy to onlookers!!!), in the company of stalwarts like #Manjeet Kaur, #Pooja Varma, #Kamakshi Soni, #Shital Shah Gala, #Aparna D’souza, #Shreedevi Poduval… Drawing unending inspiration from #Ajit Pathak, #Divya Chotalia, #Priti Bhargava, #Surjit Kaur and #Suju George.

It wasn’t easy. Especially the last lap, closing in the six hour deadline and due to some miscalculation, realizing that I hadn’t crossed the 35km threshold, drove me to the extreme ends of my willpower!! But when it was finally done & dusted; still standing on my feet, sore but overwhelmed; all I felt was gratitude. Thankful to nature for gifting me this body & a mind capable of pulling it through this test of endurance. Thank you, Ajit Pathak, for giving me this opportunity to push my limits and prove all my inhibitions wrong!

Today I know – there is nothing that cannot be achieved if a mind can commit to conceive.

Because I can, I will.

Hetal Momaya

I’m Hetal Momaya known as Hetu from Mulund Pinkathon group. I would love to share my experience regarding 6hours of running with Pinkathon.

I have been running every day for 191 days. I had always attempted 10km and I had never gone beyond that. I’m a slow but constant runner. I was motivated by known and unknown friends all the time during the 6hour run. That’s the best part of Running with Pinkathon girls. Motivation is always on the top of the list even if it’s from an unknown friend. Maintaining a slow pace made me achieve 24km (12 with shoes and 12 barefoot). I had suddenly got severe back pain during the run so I had to slow down more but I did not stop. Thinking of pain will never make us get up from our couch. Rather leave all the pain and enjoy the run with full power and energy and this is what I achieved on 23rd July with Pinkathon running for 6hours. Cheers to Pinkathon. It has changed my and many more friends life. Pinkathon rocks?. Thank you very much.

Joyce Nunes

This is Joyce Nunes recently become the ambassador of Andheri West mother of 2 cute kids a boy n a girl. As I start my story I wish to thank Rajbindar Mathais for introducing me to this big family Pinkathon. I had no hope of survival when Rajbindar dragged me into walking I couldn’t even run a hundred steps. Joined Pinkathon in April 2016. I was very happy when I got my trainee t-shirt from
Milind Soman last July n my life completely changed since then Ajit Pathak, Divya and Durga were my lifelines. Suvarna was always there to guide me I received a lot of motivation from Prochi n Pramila Aunty time kept passing met lots of women made lots of friends but Daksha and Priya were always with me. Started from pole to pole n now we r far ahead. In November we saw the video of our 3 super heroes Sharmila, Sonia and Aparna running Mumbai to Pune n we started practicing harder with that dream in mind. Time kept passing n soon we seen nearly a hundred women had been inspired to run Mumbai Pune. I felt much better where my health issues were concerned Ajit my mentor my guide was always there guiding me to the right part. I kept chasing my dreams. Ajit motivated us to run the Mumbai ultra 12 hour run. 23rd July was full of surprises I decided running the 6hour run with pinkathon at Mindspace a very well organised event the challange was to complete 35kms in 6 hours I thought it was impossible by the time I completed 28kms I started feeling dizzy n week ajits words kept me going Manjiri Joshi was by my side the never let me give up I conquered by completing my challange ran 36kms in 6hours. It was the first time I ran so lon in rain n the memory will last forever. I earned my pinkathon ambassador tshirt on that day. 23/07/2017 a special day. I have recieved a lot from pinkathon I wish Inspiring many more women I wish many more women take interest in taking their first step to fitness. If I can do it you too can . We have out pinkathon groups all across Mumbai as well as other cities do join us for your regular runs TogetherWeDoMore. ” I can I did .. End of the story. I DARE TO RUN……..

Beena Wagh

Beena is a housewife who never ever thought she will join fitness n aim to become healthy n all of that before she joined pinkathon. She just came to know of pinkathon through Sonali bhandup sessions n by attending one of them she realised what pinkathon was all about. She did an amazing 6 hour run covering 28 km which she never expected she could do. Her confidence n morale both are now soaring high in the sky and she feels one day she will also inspire many other women to get out of their houses and join Pinkathon, money is not required to stay fit but knowledge n motivation definitely is.

Rakhi Raste

Hello Rakhi Raste here. 6hrs run!!!! It was like so much Responsibility. Many are looking at me…., my family, my kids and first of all myself. The day before 23rd July was Can I do it??


It was totally different experience. I discovered myself, came to know my abilities, and yes now I am ready for 12 hrs Ultra Run.

Thanks to Ajit Pathak, who literally took me upto here with his motivation. Thank you Ajit for creating this event too. Full Respect.

I enjoyed the 6 hrs run with all my friends, they encouraged with so much, that I was feeling like Olympic Champion. Thanks to all Pinkies. Love you.

Meghana Kinjawadekar

On 23 July , Sunday morning at 4:30 our 6 hours run started at Mindplace, Malad.It was amazing experience running in rain . Fully encouraging n motivating atmosphere everywhere.
I am very happy to share here that I was completed my first 30 k injury free run in 6 hours.???? Thanks Ajit Pathak for giving us opportunity to show our strength.?
Our Pinkathon slogan is TOGETHER WE WILL DO MORE , I really experienced it. Yes, I could keep moving myself up to 6 hours due to motivating n encouraging by my lovely friends Swapna ,Sandhya, Vaishali, Sunita,Rakhi,Aarti, Dr.Anjali, Anjali,Manjeet, Surjeet, Hetal, Ajit Pathak , Divya, Sharmila, Durga n so many pinkies n Ambassadors, volunteers ???

Thanks for being with me n love you all☺????

Divya Chotalia

It was the most wonderful experience one can get. It was pretty tough for me. The first 10 kms made seem impossible to complete but seeing other people around, it inspired me too to reach my goal and complete 35 kms. After the first 10 kms I started believing in myself and I knew that I could do it. Nimisha Gala and Hetal Gala helped me a lot to get through it. They inspired, motivated and supported me a lot. The positive vibes around what helped me to go on and reach my goal. And lastly, I would like to thank Ajit Pathak for such a wonderfull  organization and opportunity.




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