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That Place called ‘JOY’! That Madras Place -chennai

That Place called ‘JOY’!


Sometimes I’d want to indulge in some light-hearted banter with family and friends! Sumptuous rounds of dishes will certainly add joy to the moment. ‘That Madras Place’ at Adyar, in Chennai, is committed to making moments with family and friends special. I popped into the restaurant on receiving an invitation from mathangi . I was greeted warmly by mathangi  and effervescent TMP team. I certainly cannot thank mathangi more, for having me over!


As you walk into the restaurant you are greeted with light-hearted comics that adorn the walls. The décor is modern, simple complete with clean lines that comes alive with a vibrant vibe. I instantly feel like letting my hair down, and groove into the beat. Daylight liberally streams in capturing the positive air. Hygiene is at its peak, and I am delighted to find family and friends catching up on an array of topics.



 The menu curates a continental fare, with a variety of well-cooked Italian dishes. I was introduced to a rather sumptuous meal that included an interesting line-up of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Mathangi ensured, everything that was served was piping hot. I sipped on a rather extraordinary soup blend comprising of peas and mint! The soup was reasonably consistent, and delicious all the same! Shrimp popcorn, and classic corn nuggets followed the soup. These appetizers were delicious, and perfectly selected to suit my ever-budding taste buds. The nuggets were not very oily, and were finished with a nice crispy cover on the outside. Fish and Chips are a classic favourite with most patrons; I believe that too is deliciously prepared with a unique TMP twist! The Chicken Schnitzel (Tender chicken marinated in freshly picked garden herbs, and tossed in breadcrumbs and deep-fried) is another hot preference among the visitors!

For the heavier ‘go-all-day’ long options, they serve the Grilled chicken that is grilled to tender perfection, and Egg bhurji (Scrambled Eggs sautéed with bell peppers, cheese, bacon, ham, and a hint of cheese). The Chicken Lasagne was artfully infused with a blend of flavours! I could certainly imbibe the whiff of freshly tossed herbs in the dish! I enjoyed digging into the Mac and cheese! It is simply delicious, and the best comfort food the venue has to offer! I washed the mains down with the Roasted Grilled Vegetable Sandwich. The bread used in the sandwich was fresh, and the vegetables crunchy! I can best describe the sandwich by saying, “Ooh-La-La, Delicious!!” The Chicken burger was well prepared, and so was the Pesto Chicken Sandwich! It is indeed tricky to get prepare a perfect pesto, and the Chef at TMP delectably tossed this one with ease!  

Desserts rejuvenate my senses completely, and felt every atom in my body stir at the sight of these wondrous desserts. The TMP Chocolate Bomb cake was iconic in its own right! It did every bit of justice to my chocolate starved taste buds and delivered me straight to Cloud 9! Theobroma, the Red Velvet Cake (which has a genuine infusion of beetroot and tasted wholesome!), and Nutella Cake, followed suit! I finally washed my meal down with the most delicious TMP special blended tea! This was completely out of the world!

As I key off I would like to add, That Madras Place exuberates an inviting vibe, and if you are a genuine foodie, don’t strike this off your to-do list, as even simple dishes, if tastefully made, will leave a lasting imprint on your taste-buds!


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