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Mahrashtrian Food Festival at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Mahrashtrian Food Festival at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel


Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel is hosting  The Maharashtrian Food Festival, from 22nd July to 30th July 2017.

The culinary team at Renaissance is all set to rustle up an assortment of the best dishes from the different regions of Maharashtra with crowd favourites such as like Mutton Kolhapuri Taambda rassa (Red curry), Mutton Kolhapuri Pandhra rassa (White curry), Varhadi rassa and AmtiBatatyachi bhajiVangyache bharit, and many more options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Dessert lovers can rejoice with some delish Gul Till LadooBesan Ladoo and Amrakhand.

Puran poli is a typical dessert which needs no introduction. Sweet, aromatic and delicious stuffed flat bread. enjoy the authentic puran poli Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel Lake View Cafe @ The Renaissance Powai

Mirch Pakora are Green Chilly Fritters, made with Special Bhajiya Chillies. Here Big Green chillies are stuffed with the batter of Besan and Spices.
at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel Lake View Cafe @ The Renaissance Powai

The dried kokum’s (a fruit; dried kokum is used as a souring agent similar to Tamarind used at South-India) acquired tartness could be sensed at each sip; the aroma of chat masala (that’s my guess) along with soda works as an energizer. Anyways, it isn’t a drink that will please everyone’s palate.They present some unique dishes from the Maharastian cuisine. I felt the flavours stayed true and different from the usual North-Indian food I taste at mumbai .

And then it was time for some real food. And starters made me more curious to explore the flavours integrated in the mains.After the number of dishes I ate I needed a shot of kokum sherbat again as it helps digestion. And it was one sore glass, as the ingredients used have their own acquired taste which wouldn’t be pleasant until you really like them. Try at your own risk.

The range of desserts in mind-boggling, with almost 20-25 options to choose from!

but I would love stronger flavours. Quantity and price are par with the fine-diners. Loved the friendly service , Let’s eat like the Maratha kings!
special thanks to my fellow bloggers who made me popular withing short days..


I firmly believe, Indians have a very developed palate owing to the plethora of cuisines they are exposed to. Our cultural and geographical dynamics have a very important role to play here. Over the years invaders like the British and the Mughals have positively impacted our cuisines by rendering their own elements, adding more charisma to the food preparations. As I key off I would like to add, Bon appetite!!

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