Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms, Karjat – Admist The Misty Mountains


I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order, beautiful quote by John Burroughs and that’s what you feel when you visit Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms.


Basically in today’s age and the fast paced city life, a farmstay closer to the city yet away from the chaos is a must.


A farmstay stay where we connect with nature is truly what is required to get back to the natural state of mind. Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms is set in Karjat, an unexplored valley of nature between Mumbai and Pune and with close proximity to popular hill stations like Lonavala and Matheran.


It is a rustic farmstay, situated in the hilly terrain of Karjat, at the foothill of Matheran. Spread over ten acres of land adjoining the Morbe Dam on one side and a picturesque valley on the other. Unlike a regular resort, Attra’s is a place of nature and a countryside feel.

Let’s go through the nature from my sight,

But First Some amazing nature shots i shot at the place



Day 1:


Reached the place at 10:30, we were welcomed by the mother nature with pouring rains, and served us HOT PIPING BABA SAMOSAS and Poha upma with gar-ma-garam cutting chai.




We went to get fresh as each one was allotted separate rooms in different bungalows, very neat and sanitised bathrooms, comfortable bedding and extremely magnificent view of the mountains.

Everyone was geared up for the rifle shooting competition we were instructed by qualified trainers who were Ex-army officers.


We were thought rifle positioning, perfect aim at the target (in spite of rigorous training we ended up targeting something else other than our target hehe hehe)


After the tiring activity we were served some delicious authentic Maharashtrian food, The lunch included Paneer masala and aloo jeera for vegetarians and chicken sabji for non-vegetarians for mains, along with roti. For sides we had salads and papad along with juicy roshogulla for dessert.


We were pretty excited for the karjat waterfall in the second half of the day, when we reached there I just loved the sounds and the power of pounding water. We stood there with the water falling on us with a certain pressure. It was very relaxing and at natures very best.


After playing and relaxing we headed back to the farms famished, as it was still drizzling.


Omg it is perfect match made in heaven, chai and bhaijiya we could not stop hogging meanwhile our rest of the friends were chilling by the pool, best part of the pool is that no chlorine used and you can just dive in. Sorry couldn’t click pictures of bhajias as i was too hungry

We were swinging the swing, playing volleyball, foodball, clicking pictures of beautiful mango, chikoo, pear and coconut tree.


Time just flew; we were served with in-house pav bhaji and pulav preparation for vegetarians and chicken biryani for non-vegetarians. So exhausted after a long day so we did have a good night fresh nap time.


Day 2:


Good Moooooooooooooooooorning Karjat!!!! We woke up to this beautiful scenery from our room. It was a green paradise to us.


Enjoying the sounds of birds chirping and tip tip barsaaa pani from the pouring rain. Karjat cha missal pav waiting for us and of course we were high on chai 😛



Horse riding activity started with two horses one was trained race horse and another was a normal one, we did enjoy our ride, chal mere ghode tik tik tik, we were briefed on how to climb, ride and pet the horse.


After this activity we were given the farm tour,a yet to be build food ball ground, the route for trek, beautiful scenery and places that are close proximity like rajmachi to the right and matheran to the left. Spotting the botanical greens.


I did feel that after a rainfall, i could faintly, yes, hear the breaking of new blooms.

Had lunch, scrumptious papad paneer bhurji and gulab jamun wasa treat to our tummies then we packed our stuffs up and headed to the morby dam.



Never ever lose an opportunity to see anything that is beautiful.  It is God’s handwriting a wayside sacrament. Welcome it and enjoy it in every fair face, every fair sky, and every fair flower.  

The morby dam was sparkling; it was natures best with the waterfall by its sides and huge summit of mountains. We just enjoyed every moment with nature and headed back to our busy lifestyles feeling rejuvenated.

The best time to visit this place is end july to mid-august in the monsoons and December during winter.


Authors Notes: When you live in this stressful life of ever running mumbaikar life you need a break for personal and health reason this place is perfect to go and hang out with a bunch of your friends/ family and get the rejuvenation you need to continue your normal i am writing this i am actually kind of sad cause the amazing trip is over and tomorrow i get back to my 9-5 routine but with my heart filled with memories i will sign off saying IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

Please go through their website and enjoy the serene elegance of nature.

With Love

Dekshitha Sridhar & Sarada Sridhar



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