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A big, big day for Ajit Pathak – 6 hour long Run for Women of Pinkathon.

Pinkathon is a platform for empowering women, for getting them into their comfort zone for running and then encouraging and guiding them to test their fitness boundaries- because there are no boundaries.

A big, big day for Ajit Pathak, and all the lovely people out there who did an amazing job of the mega event of our first time ever done – 6 hour long Run for Women
of Pinkathon.
For those, who don’t know, I am sharing this article with the few questionnaires that I interviewed Ajit on, the mastermind behind this whole plan.
How did you come to this idea of Pinkathon 6 hour run?
Running is a Gift, 6Hrs of Pinkathon! this is a unique event of its kind and no one has attempted this till date in India or Outside.

6Hrs of Pinkathon!! Leap step towards Women Empowerment and here they got an opportunity to rediscover themselves by Running 6 hrs, and breaking all personal barriers, and bring an attitude “Yes, I can do it”.

Idea was very simple – Over the years we have inspired and trained 1000s of Women on Running, all of them were very comfortable in Running 10 kms and 21kms and we wanted them to get out of the comfort zone and make and attempt to see how easy or tuff it will be. And can I up scale and set higher goals.

Our attempt is to Run Injury free, You Don’t need to be professional athletes or an Ultra Marathon Runner. We all are working Women or Housewives age ranging from 25 to 70 years Young, and all have taken up Running as passion and to stay Fit and they all ran today. I feel this is a true sense of accomplishment and empowerments.

What is the objective of this run?
All Magic happens @ Pinkathon, Can I do it- to – I could do it .
We kept our objective Simple – To Re- Discovery your Own-self and your abilities and your potential. Most of the runners today who have ran 10k & 21k have comfortably ran and have super-seeded personal running distance barriers.

How did you manage to plan the entire initiative and drive it ?
Oh – Getting an event of this type to organize was not a mammoth task, need a plan and committed a team to support end to end… and Few phone calls, we had the entire ecosystem to provide assistance from all Medical Emergencies and Assistance to Hydration to Doctors to Physiotherapies came forward to support us.

The main challenge was to get our Runners to Run 6hrs, who had no prior experience on Running that’s distance. With most of them we were running for past 6 to over 24 Months, and we had some time to prepare – our rhythm included daily 3-4 kms Run, core strengthening Work outs etc etc and Tons and Tons of Motivational. Make this happen.
Who all supported you to get this going ?
Foremost – Milind Soman and Sharmila Munj, who has been behind always.
Pinkathon Ambassadors, Unsung Heros – Bhumika Patel, Satish Gujaral Amit Salunke & Dr. Pradeep Shriyan, SRV Hospital – team , Dr. Seema, Dr Anjali Prabhu Desai, Dr. Mita Gala, Dr Pooja Mehta Physiotherapist, Nimish Gala, Rajesh Dsouza, Rajiv Warrior, Seema Mehta Roy, Dr Meghana Dikshit and Mother Nature.. And Special thanks to Pranav Metha, Prakesh Wani. And very special thanks to our Malad Pinkies, who offered help to all girls to stay in their houses and be comfortable so that they don’ to travel so far in wee hours of morning, hats of Malad Pinkies, whose hearts are bigger than people’s thoughts……salute you guys.

Do you think Pinkathon will change the way women look at fitness if yes how?
Absolutely – Every Women who joins Pinkathon She is inspired by someone and this keeps multiplying by word of awesomeness

What are the initiatives you have in your kitty bag for the upcoming events can you throw some light on it?
Keep Running & Keep inspiring.
Looks like more and more surprises in store for us Pinkies, from our very own Bapu and Grand Bapu – Milind Soman and Mata – Sharmila Munj.

I will like to pin down my version of what I saw today, hope you guys will enjoy reading this.

I saw a different energy level altogether in all Pinkies today, the enthusiasm, the positivity, the inner self confidence, the power of being a woman, all was so clearly exhibited in all runners today. The Best part was their spouses who were there to cheer them and kids to cheer their Moms. It was amazing to see your family come to make you more and more stronger and powerful. After all it’s a true saying, “A Woman binds a Family”, but “For a Woman, it’s all about her FAMILY”. For any Woman, Family is their inner strength, their confidence, the way they exhibit themselves in their lives shows it all, that how if a Family supports women, they can break all boundaries. I was so happy to meet Milind Soman, sister, Anupama, again and she was such a common personality, running with all of them, never felt she was someone different. Again, it’s about family here, Milind Soman, our grand Bapu and Ajit Pathak, our Bapu, and Sharmila Munj, our Mata, our first family, to which we will all be always indebted to. The power with which Pinkathon functions is commendable, no one in this entire running fraternity, can actually say that they do things under the banner of social cause so well without charging a penny to people and managing to get more and more women across the world drop their inhibitions and get the fitness ball rolling.

Today’s runners who did 35K and above were the spotlights of how will, determination, and confidence can mask a person to achieve more. And that’s what we are all about right, “Together we do more”

I would like to thank all the amazing runners, volunteers, sponsors, and support team, and the amazing personalities who had come to cheer us up.

So, I would want each of you who had run today, to comment on their experience in my comment on this story to make others read it, because I remember four people’s expressions, one is Suju George, the power packed woman, who was lifted by our very own Pammy Aunty 72, and Shital Shah Gala, whose eyes and tears said it all, Hetu – whose inner instinct told her she can do it, and Beena Wagh – who crossed all boundaries today of running. I feel the achievement was so satisfying for each one of us that we can’t describe in words, but the feelings matter, so please pin down your feelings in our page in my story article today for all to read and inspire and get inspired also.

The list down has mention of few people only, but that does not mean we did not achieve, so please do not read between the lines. This is just a MOTIVATION for them who dared to complete the challenge of 35K that our Grand Bapu had given in the video. And for Surjit and for Surjit Kaur, it’s because of the blisters that she had and she still ran that mile. Cheers to all my lovely strong runners and our father and grandfather and mother for all that they have given us today and a sense of fulfilment for which WE LOVE THEM ALL, don’t we?

35 kms complete @ 6 hour run


1.Pooja Varma – 42.3k
2.Seema Mehta Roy – 41approx
3.Shital Gala – 35.38
4.Shivani Desai – 37.25km
5.Devika Ghadigaonkar-35
6.Khyati Mistry – 36k
7.Poornima Shetty 40.12
8.Reena chauhan- 40.02
9.Kamakshi soni- 41.08kms
10.Manjeet Kaur – 41kms
11.Rashmi – 41kms
12.Prajna Pujary – 38kms
13. Ritu Handa 39.08 kms
14. Ritu bariwal 40.25 kms
15.Manjiri Joshi 36 kms
16.Joycee 36 kms
17.Lata Ravi 39.32 km
18. Priti Bhargav – 38 kms
19. Aarti Meher – 41kms
20. Priyanka Nambissan – 39.08
21. Dr Noureen Hemani – 35.18k
22. Varsha kishor naidu – 40km
23. Vrunda Adivarekar 40.8k
24. Anupama Menon 35.4
25. Sumithra Nachiappan – 37 km
26.HETAL GALA -40.5km
27. Anjali Prabhudesai – 35
28. Aparna Dsouza – 35.6
29. Divya Chotalia – 35kms
1 Suju George age 64 – 30.5kms
2. ANITA Sobti – 30.5km
3. Surjit Kaur – 18.5 kms

Hey guys, if I missed anyone’s names, please catch hold of Ajit Bapu, kidding, please forgive me.
My one pinkie friend gave me a feedback, my story is long to keep reading, but I feel, Yes the Story is Long because it is about our Pinkies hard work, their determination, their undying positive attitude to get up and get going come what may, so cover all that, I need words and that is my small tribute to them and their hard efforts.

Aaj tumne ek alag mukaam hasil kar di
Kissi ne kaha tum kya karoge
Tumne use bhi chup kara diya
Phir se log samjhe aare yeh to do din ka chalna hai
Aaj tumne phir se unhe do sadiyon ke liye chup kara diya
Yunhi tum chalte aur daudte rehna, rukhna nahi kissi ke kehne pe
Mushkilen to aayegi hi zindagi mein
Ussi ka naam to zindagi hai
Doston, till we meet again in this page of mine, Keep Running, Keep inspiring, Keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!


In top row the man in pinkathon ambassador t shirt with cap Ajit Pathak is responsible to make us run….. even if you walk for a minute in his radar you will hear a loud noise runnnnn runnnn and will be left with no choice except running from there. Thank you for being there for us.

Taking the First Step towards Women Empowerment and joining the #HeforShe initiative, at #PinkathonForever, We train Women of all age groups on how to Run Injury free, Run longer distances and Stay Fit. So, anyone who thinks they can’t Run, we can train them – guide them – coach them – how to Run and We Run together and Inspire them. Our definition of First Time Runners is Running for the first time after their School and never attempted to run outside of their life’s.


Why Running, We personally believe Running is a best and cheapest form of high-intensity Workout and a Good Stress buster which anyone can adopt easily. Early Morning Running and Sweating releases #BDNF brain-derived neurotrophic factor that repairs brain cells from Stress and When you sweat … It increases your metabolic rate gives you energy……

For Me Running is a #Meditation the Quite Movements of #togethernesswith your own self.

#Running sometimes becomes monotones, we have also created WhatsApp group As a part of Women Empowerment initiative at #PinkathonFOREVER

We conduct Free Training on running and we have also created What’sApp training groups, they are in India/ Mumbai, Pune, NCR, Vasai, Mira-Bhayandar, Borivali, Kandivali, Malad, Goregaon, Andheri East, Andheri West, Veera Desai Road, Sahar Road, Parle, Juhu, Santacruz-Khar-Bandra, BKC, Dadar, Sion, Marine Drive, Colaba, Byculla, Chembur, Ghatkopar, Bhandup, Tilak Nagar , Kanjur Marg, Powai, Mulund, Thane, Dombivali. Kalyan, Vashi, Sanpada, Belapur, Kharghar, Panvel, Dubai, Goa – Mapusa, Ponda, Madgoan, Bicholim Panjim, Amdavad, Ahmednagar, Banaras, New Jersey, Dubai, Bangalore, Nashik. Rajkot, Kolkatta, Nagpur, Varanasi and Silent group.

We have created these WA group. So runners can team up and run daily.

Running Tip for First Time runners.

After a mild warm up and stretching ( legs, ankle, calf muscles ) get on road brisk walk for few minutes and follow this schedule for 20-30 minutes slow jog.

Week 1 or Day 1
Walk one pole Run one pole ( street lights)

Week 2 or Day 2
Walk one pole Run two poles

Week 3 or Day 3
Walk two poles Run three poles.

Keep following 1.2.3

After ur run walk for a couple of minutes for cool down, do stretch ur back, legs.

Don’t get carried Away with someone who is running or jogging fast, we are proud as slow runners.

Slowly and gradually u will improve ur stamina and speed.

Important is to continue and gradually improve and not to give up.

This formula works with all age groups tried and tested.

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