Stacks & RacksStacks and Racks is an American themed restaurant that takes its concept as priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant.

When we look at the adjacent table with huge burger patties stacked you feel famished.

The food was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Suggestions for must try are

1. Louisiana’s hot chicken wings- These are seriously very HOT and go amazingly well with the Pink Ice tea.

2. French fries infused with Tex Mex Dip- Oh boy it was finger, as well as dish licking good.

3. Cajun Chicken Breast- Breast cooked up to perfection.

4. Salisbury steak-Must try for Vegetarians, it comes along with mushroom and herb relish.

5. Mad Max- Extremely delectable Burgers, with cute stickers on top as identification tags.

6. Butterscotch milkshake- It is a luscious drink served in old school fashion glass jar, reminds you of milk jars in the early 90’s.

The interiors were good and had American states name plates all over the place.

I would like to highlight, people criticized them on service I would say I absolutely loved the service and their suggestions.

Overall I would say this place should definitely be visited for some piquant food.

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