Perfect Summer Getaway at Novotel Imagica Khopoli


Summer for me is lying on the bed and enjoying some yummy mangoes and food and enjoying in AC the whole day. But Summer also means going out and having fun enjoying the vacay time with family cause its the only time when everyone get holidays together. So Last weekend I had an absolute amazing Experience in Novotel Imagica Khopoli So i am going to describe my entire experience here 😉



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I shot a time lapse while travelling check it out 🙂 –>

THE PLACE : Set in between the tranquil mountains of the Sahyadris, NOVOTEL IMAGICA offers people a way out of their mundane schedules to stretch their arms, lay back and enjoy the benefit of the well established itinerary laid out painstakingly for the comfort of their guests.

DAY 1:

When you enter the hotel you have a feeling of home by a beautiful Buddha statue

We were welcomed with some stomach filling food and cute goofy characters loitering around and there was even a PUMP up session conducted by one of the staff that really got the guests going.


After filling our stomachs with some snacks we headed straight to the room

The view from the room was breathtaking as it afforded a fantastic view of Imagica and we was already excited to go and try that. We were welcomed by some welcome chocolate and a cute towel art in the room



Then after quickly changing and jumping in our very comfortable beds we headed down for lunch.

The lunch was at the SQUARE- the dining area .it was a buffet lunch and we had an huge line of food to choose from and we even had some characters go around with whom we could click pictures

We had a variety of options for Lunch from classic dal rice and naan and sabji to Italian authentic Pizza and Live noodles section .you name it you had it .and for the desserts we had a lot of options too.the chef Executive Chef, Ravi Raj explained to us many of the classic dishes he was a passionate man who loved to cook food and serve and his passion was evident by how delicious the meal 🙂

After having a sumptuous meal we were taken around to show around the property

From the square you can directly enter the pool area, there is also a kiddy pool also available nearby its the perfect place to chill and the square is just a walk away so you can get your drinks and chill in the pool 🙂 after this we were shown the various banquet options they have for various different kind of events. They even do FAIRY TALE inspired weddings I MEAN WHO DOESN’T WANT TO GET MARRIED LIKE PRINCESSES?




After having a quick afternoon siesta we headed for a trek to Lake Batthi, a lake in the nearby hills of Sangdewadi village. fist via a small bus ride we reached the destination then we took an almost hour long trek but once the trek was over the view of the lake made it worth it 🙂

I took a timelapse during the trek check it out –>

view from the end of the trek



After an energy consuming trek we headed to the snowmagica

The Snowmagica was the much needed temperature change from hot to cold.

We changed and wore classic snow jacket boots and must needed Gloves without which you will freeze for sure.

BRAIN FREEZE ALERT ;). A huge land filled with white beautiful snow and slides and polar bears and igloos just like the ones in PINGU cartoon if y’all remember that 🙂 they even have a small canteen sort of set up in the snowmagica snow floor where you can buy hot beverages and drink and a special dance floor in the snow where the DJ blasts some  original Bollywood tunes to which we all grooved

the cost : Regular ticket @ 499
Add-On ticket @ 399 (with aqua or normal imagica)

Then we headed back to our hotel NOVOTEL and quickly changed and headed down for dinner and drinks. we had a live screening of the ongoing IPL match and seating’s just near the pool. the dinner was at the SQUARE again and it had even more variety then the ones in the morning 🙂 We were up till 1 playing PING PONG and CHESS and making many new kiddo friends there. we saw a lot of family come there for the weekend it is perfect while the children were busy playing the parents could enjoy food just near the play area. There is a GYM available for all those Fitness freaks who dont want to miss out on working out during vacations and there is a separate play area for kids under 2 years of age if the parents want there are even caretakers available.

Then we went straight to bed dreaming of all the rides we’ll get to ride the next day.



The next day, we were up quite early despite it being a Sunday for 2 reasons : We could not wait to sink our teeth in the delicious breakfast buffet and the fact that were positively quivering with anticipation thinking about the Imagica rides and our day forward.



The breakfast was a very bountiful affair, with something for everyone who was present. From Idlis, Dosas and Upma that reminded us of our mothers cooking, to muffins, sausages and bacon strips. Some orange juice and musk melon juice helped us wash down our scrumptious but light breakfast.

We made our way over to the amusement park. We had 2 options for the park; Imagica Adlabs or Aquamagica. We preferred going to adlabs since that meant we could try out the crazy rides we could see our rooms (although I am sure aquamagica was an equally enjoyable experience). We were given express passes which helped us skip through those long lines and catapulted us directly to the front of the lines for all rides.

First up, we went for the I for India ride, which was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. A pre-ride video informed us about how the entire experience was made, helicopters filming various parts of India famous for their aesthetic features, different cultures and cities alike. We then proceeded to the actual ride where we were strapped down to long horizontal seats and raised up to a height so that the entire set up resembled that of a helicopter. The video then started with the actual helicopter hurtling around in breakneck speeds and left us in a dizzying haze with the visuals from all around India, from the Kashmiri plains to boat ride competitions from Kerala. It was truly a breathtaking experience and we could have chosen no better ride to start it off, a greatly recommended ride.



Next, we tried the ride “Deep Space” and nothing could have prepared us for the absolute terror the ride had in store for us. Having had no idea of what the coaster involved, we sat down expecting a merry casual ride. We could not have been any more wrong for 10 seconds into the ride, the carts we were seated in accelerated to a top speed of close to 160 kph, into a deep, dark dome where it twisted and turned with such vicious intensity that we were blown away. The ride lasted 45 secs but the adrenaline it gave us was enough to last a lifetime. This one is definitely not for the weak-hearted.


Still reeling from effects of Deep space, we went for Wrath Of The Gods, which was a unique experience with water spraying, fire blasting and wind billowing from all 4 sides. Salimgarh was your traditional horror house which gave us quite some heart stopping moments and a last twist which was like a kick to the gut.



For lunch, we stopped at the Imagica Capital, the capital is an Indian buffet restaurant which not only offers you timeless cuisines but takes you on a gustatory adventure through the flavors of India.

Post lunch, we resumed our journey of rollicking fun on the rides. We started with Rajasaurus, which took us on a prehistoric ride, showcasing different dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era, finally stopping with a steep descent and a water splashing crash. A fair warning; you will get wet on this ride so don’t carry any electronics.

Video of RAJASAURUS –>

Alibaba and 40 thieves was another ride which involved shooting as you are carried in a wagon and at the end compare your score with your friends. Dare-2-Drop was a thrilling experience where you are shot to the sky then brought down again multiple times.

The last ride we tried was the Nitro, the orange colored gigantic coaster, with its rails of madness racing away so that we often forgot where our heads and feet were supposed to be. 2 minutes of pure, unadulterated, extreme fun that was sure to remain in our heads , even after the experience was over.



We could not try out other rides like the Scream Machine, Mr India due to our time constraint, as we had to rush back to our hotel for the High Tea. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than arriving hungry and tired, and arriving to a room full of food and that is exactly what we were welcomed back with. A quick cup of coffee and snacks,we were ready to check out – fully fed and having had more fun in the last 2 days than we have had in a long time.

In the car ride back home, on introspection it is evident why we had the time of our lives, because it was exactly what we needed after a long and hectic week.




The VIP stay package starts at ₹16,990/- plus taxes.

For reservations: call- 91 (2192) 662 666 l+91 (2192) 301 888 or Email: H9832-RE@ACCOR.COM / H9832-RE1@ACCOR.COM










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