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Coarsly ground wheat flour 3cups (here in MUMBAI  we get ready made coarsely ground flour in the flour mill.If you don’t get such flour in your place than buy wheat rava that you get from supermarket grind it in mixer nd you shall get the same consistency .) 1 cup wheat flour (regular one)
Oil more than 1/2litre to fry the muthias.
Ghee 50 grams
Jaggery the soft one 2cups shredded
Elaichi 5 pods peeled nd grains can be added to the muthiyas while grinding.


Put the coarse wheat flour nd the regular one together in wide mouthed deep bottomed plate add one table spoon oil nd mix thoroughly.Add water nd form a stiff dough.From this dough make muthias of equal size.
Now fry this muthias in a medium low flame to golden can fry two to three muthias at a time.remove the muthias on tissue papers to remove the extra fat.
Allow the muthias to attain room temparature nd break the muthias to small pieces nd dry grind it in a mixer along with elaichi granules.
Now you get a rava like texture after grinding .gather this rava in a vessel nd set aside.
Now mount the kadahi on the gas .add ghee first on a medium low flame.once the ghee melts add jaggery(grated) nd within minutes you can see jaggery too melts nd forms a mixture with ghee floating.stop the gas nd shift the mixture to the vessel with wheat rava.mix properly nd form the laddoos immediately.

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