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I had read somewhere that ‘Use your smile to change the world’; I saw it happen with my own eyes.
Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts and what would be a better gift than a smile on the face of a child suffering from cancer.

A few days ago, I had played Santa to a bunch of special students and it had given me immense pleasure, this Christmas I visited a place run by Access Life. The place houses children from across the country for their treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital.

It was a day well spent with the kids and at the end of the day I was unsure who had given more happiness to whom.

For my new year’s resolution, I would like to continue bringing smile and happiness in the lives of children.

I would also like to urge you to go spend some time with beautiful children. I assure you that it will be the time well spent and will give you life time memories.

Access Life is an NGO which provides shelter to the children suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital. It provides accommodation to the child and their family member.

The accommodation has basic amenities and is comfortable. They provide the accommodation free of cost. They usually take donation in the form of money, food, toys or books. You can get more information regarding Access Life from their website.

To donate, just use this link – or call 8080222377

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