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An introduction would be the last thing anyone shall except for LALIT HOTEL  and their food. And this time they are hosting STREET FOOD  festival that serves finest STREET  delicacies from MANY CITIES . They have mastered the art of angling to plate every possible variety of STREET FOOD FROM THE CITY . And I must extend a special thanks to Chef .AUNGSHUMAN CHAKRABORTHY  for the insight about the food.

To taste the flavours of North, it isn’t always necessary to travel all the way to Northern part of India. The international hoteliers take immense care, right from choosing the best of Chefs to finding the authentic regional foods across India and bring them to your hometown. Among the different diners at  THE LALIT,  have extended their roadway to STREET FOODS  And their “street food  Festival” showcases lip-smacking dishes that origins from north cities. 

yummy pakodas with different types of chutney was droolingggg

  Of course bajji is an everyday ritual for most of us at Chennai; a cup of tea with hot bajji and your done with evening snacks. The hot and crispy chilli bajji with coconut chutney were yum.too good.

MIRCHI PAKODA with the tamarind chutney is the clear winner of todays street festival .

Another note-worthy thing about STREETFOOD FESTIVAL  is their AMBIENCE .  They hypnotize you at the very moment you enter the restaurant. Even the world’s worst lover would fall in love with the roof-top set-up; perfect space to kill your alone time enjoying the cities view or romance with your special someone or to make memories with family and friends.

Before indulging ourselves into the STREET FOOD FESTIVAL the welcome drink was paan shot and butter milk.

we left the food choice to him (the Chef). A well-planned set of dishes kept lining up on our table to reveal the flavours …

After giving rest to our tummies, the Main Course dropped at our table in a go. Quite a long wait for the mains but the wait seemed worth for some of the dishes. 

bombay famous for pav bhaji…. Crispy buttery-toasted Pav buns were perfect with the sabji. Tasty!!

Applause to their idea of serving one portion of the dish before going for second-round so the food isn’t wasted.

Anywhere I come across the word “momos “, in the menu, I place an order without much second thoughts. And I never anticipated such a huge portion of momos with  this was more like a main course. Steaming hot and perfectly cooked ,stuffed with vegetables and grated paneer, it was delicious and I was happy that the proportion of vegetables were divided equally (instead of just cabbage and cabbage).  
The chilli and mustard sauce were so good, always a perfecto for the momos. I HAD SPICY CHIV CHOW

as usual the chat counter was drollingggg all of us…..

 jalebis with rabdi, malai sandwich, dry  masala milk makes  me salivating 

 left m

And something for the sweet person inside me, a bowl of 
RABDI WITH HOT PIPING JALEBI  lures you with their delicious taste but the SUGAR dripping IN BETA proves to be an absolute delight for my sweet tooth  just melts at ease and that’s how I wish my meal to end every time.

and how could i end my meal without paan   and with my favourite sugar candys .

Good. Simple & perfect collection of dishes to choose.With such delectable food from THE LALIT, STREET FOOD FESTIVAL , your mind gets immersed with food thoughts and fills your heart and tummy with foodgasmic happiness.

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