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Friends believe me.Fantastic wonderful medicine(food) for Fresh and energy wake up in the morning.Due to heavy and hectic work sleeping trouble in night is settled by this simple food.For the past 2 and half years my whole family is taking this.(First two months nanum yen hubby yum try pannittu apparam kutties kku kudukka arambichom).Last 2 years a for me very hectic mental and physical work.My day starts by 4 o clock in the morning and yeppo thoonga mudiyum ne teriyathu.That time my doctor friend told this remedy..Yes whole day i feel very fresh.Romba nala yenakku oru confusion intha post podalama vendamannu. 

Honey 5tsp,Himalayan pink sea salt 1tsp.(it is available in all organic shops and in online also) It is available both in crystal form and powder form.Crystal form is RS 90 1/4 kg.Powder form is RS.140.(nan only crystal form he he konjam money mitcham aahum) Crystal salt break panna konjam hard a irukkum.put in mixi and grind it to very fine powder.Just mix both ING.well and put it in the glass jar.Other wise appo appo ready pannikalam.HEALTH BENEFITS: Himalayan pink sea salt has incredible nutrient density.It provides the body with essential nutrients.It has more than 80 minerals.Nama yellarukuum terijathutha honey contains glucose that provides our cells with energy.This powerful combination increases our serotonin levels.Effectively making us feel fresh in the morning.HOW TO USE: Put a teaspoon of this under your tongue before you go to SLEEP and let it dissolve.(takkunnu muzhunga vendam) OR put it into a glass of warm water and drink.(Yella work kkum pannitu warm water vaikka yennala suttama under nakku than namakku best.

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