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Namak para

2cups Maida flour,1/4 cup Chiroti Rava /fine rava/Bombay Rava ,salt to taste,ajwain -11/2 tsp,kasuri meethi leaves crushed-2tsp, ghee-11/2tbsp.warm water to knead the dough .
Mix all the ingredients except water.mix the ghee nicely to the f
lour .add water slowly to form a tight dough .rest this dough for fifteen minutes covering in a wet cloth .heat oil ,divide the dough into three big balls.roll the balls into a not very thin round Chappati and cut length wise and width wise as shown .deep fry these on a very medium flame .
It turns brown very quickly ,so control the flame while frying .once it turns golden brown ,remove on to a kitchen paper towel and allow it to cool .once cooled serve or store in a air tight container .

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