a special dish from Tamilnadu which is prepared using rice flour and buttermilk. Ragi Mor Kali is very light and healthy. You can replace rice flour with ragi, kambu or any other millets. It can be prepared for breakfast, brunch or as light dinner. It tastes more delicious with sour buttermilk and mor milagai (sun-dried buttermilk soaked green chilies). So you can either use sun-dried chilies or green chilies. It is similar to upma except for buttermilk. It doesn’t take much time to prepare. It can be prepared within 30 mins. For variations, try adding vegetables like carrot, beans and peas, which makes it more healthy with their nutritional benefits.

  1. • 1/2 cup ragi / finger millet flour
  2. • 1 and 1/2 cup plain buttermilk
  3. • 1 medium sized onion – finely chopped
  4. • 3 green chilies (or) dry red chilies
  5. • 1 tsp urad dal / ultham paruppu / black gram
  6. • asofoetida / hing – a pinch
  7. • 1 tsp ginger strips
  8. • salt to taste
  9. • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  10. • 1 stick curry leaves
  1. Dry roast ragi flour for few seconds and remove from the heat. Mix buttermilk and ragi flour in a bowl. Use hand whisk and make sure there are no lumps. Keep it aside. Heat 2 tsp gingelly oil in a pan or kadai. Temper broken red chilies, mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves.
  2. Add ginger strips and asofeotida. Stir well. Add chopped onions and cook for a min on low flame. Add ragi & buttermilk mixture. Stir frequently to avoid lumps. Switch to low medium flame and cook it uncovered for 20 mins. The mixture should leave the sides of pan.
  3. To test it, take a drop of mor kali and touch it with wet finger. It should not stick to your finger. If its sticking, then cook for another few mins. The mixture should be of pouring consistency. Switch off the flame.  Serve hot.

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