2glass boiled rice.., 1 glass raw rice
Ajwain one table spoon , green chilli 4 to 5 pieces, required oil and salt.
Soak the boiled rice separately for 5 to 6hrs
Raw rice for 1 to 2 hrs and grind it together nicely like dosa batter it should not be very watery then it is difficult to adjust after words, so look in to the consistency of the batter and add required salt , keep it for fermentation overnight and before preparing remove the water which is settled above the batter grind chilli and ajwain together add it to the batter and mix nicely!apply oil on the plate (ie) elai vadam plate and you can use one flat spoon to put the batter over it evenly and place it in the idli cooker or any cooker suitable for your stand and steam it for two to three mts if it is cooker dont use the weight then you can dry it on the sun or shade as it doesn’t require sun I use to dry it in the fan itself it will take 2 days time get dried completely!you can have it with rice or fry it and have it.Oil should be heated nicely other wise it will not get fried properly.it is very tasty to have the steamed one!

 Ilai vadam kanju porichachu…nanna vandrukku…but light a sivakarathu

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